[act-ma] Airing Nov 4, 6: New NSA tapes prove Israel's attack on USS Liberty was deliberate / please don't feed the animals

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Tue Nov 4 07:49:22 PST 2014

according to Al Jazeera <http://tinyurl.com/kz3c6la> site, this should 
air again this week:  (click on link)
Tues (tonight, Nov 4): 8 & 9pm EST
Thurs, Nov 6:   2am EST

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and so the wall of lies and false flag attacks begins to crumble, 9/11 
truth is next...


New NSA tapes prove Israel's attack on USS Liberty was deliberate In a 
devastating documentary aired by Al Jazeera America on October 31st, 
never-before-heard tapes released by the NSA prove, beyond a shadow of a 
doubt, that the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 
American sailors, was deliberate. The translated words of Israeli 
commanders and Israeli pilots from tapes obtained under the Freedom of 
Information Act clearly can be heard, numerous times, as confirming the 
identity of the Liberty as "American." The tapes include a timeline in 
the background which fixes the times of transmissions, and establishes 
that confirmation was made before and during the attack. The 
documentary, *"The Day Israel Attacked America,"* is produced and 
directed by Richard Belfield, whose previous production credits include 
National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, and Arts and Entertainment 

The film is structured around interviews of USS Liberty survivors....

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