[act-ma] 2/21 Sat.-Protest US Bombing Syria and Iraq-Park St. Boston

Michael Borkson nosanctions at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 17 19:51:57 PST 2015

Protest Rally: Stop Bombing Syria & Iraq Now!
    When: Saturday, February 21, 2015, 1:00 pm   Where:  Park Street Station • Park & Tremont Streets • Boston 
co-sponsored by United For Justice With Peace www.justicewithpeace.organd Committee For Peace And Human Rights Boston(sat. weekly peace vigil at Park St.) www.stopallwars.com
We can’t fight terror with terror
Political, not military solutions, are urgently needed in Syria & Iraq
Stop training rebel armies
Stop sending weapons into the region – they are causing more bloodshed
Support humanitarian aid, through neutral institutions, for victims of the conflict
Tell Congress not to approve a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) which would allow endless war. Call (877) 429-0678
President Obama has asked Congress for authorization to carry out an ever-expanding war in Iraq and Syria – and to spread that war to neighboring countries.Our leaders say that these new wars will last for years. But over the past 13 years, this country has already spent one trillion, five hundred billion dollars for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other parts of the Middle East and South Asia.  That much money could build schools, fix our infrastructure, jumpstart jobs and a green economy, and alleviate poverty and hunger worldwide!These military actions have brought hundreds of thousands of deaths, but neither peace nor security. The current campaign to sell this war has nothing to do with protecting us or the people of the area. Instead, it is intended to secure control of the area by repressive governments and sectarian militias allied (for the time being) with Washington.The current bombing campaign is a violation of the U.N. Charter and the U.S. Constitution. Is bombing an answer to these sectarian conflicts? Do these actions reflect the interests of the people of the U.S. or the peoples of the Middle East?We should not be involved militarily in a sectarian conflict that our war in Iraq set off.  Any real and lasting solution to the problems in the region must come from the peoples of that region themselves, not from the Pentagon. Call Congress toll-free at (877) 429-0678 and say: “I want you to speak out strongly and to vote against against proposals that authorize use of military force and support for armed groups in Syria and Iraq. ”


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