[act-ma] 4/18 Sean Gullette's Traitors at Int'l Women's Film Forum, Saturday, at Simmons College

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Mar 25 10:15:37 PDT 2015

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*/Traitors/ won a Special Mention Award in Venice Film Festival. Won the 
Audience Award in Gijon (Spain) . Was invited to the Tribeca Festival 
after winning one of the coveted slots in Venice Days, Venice Film 
Festival 2013. One of only 22 films selected for the Viewpoints series 
at Tribeca in 2014. Won Spirit of Independents, Fort Lauderdale 
International Film Festival.  Nominated for Best Feature Film at 
Marrakesh and Philadelphia Independent Film Festivals, for Best Film at 
Stockholm. Nominated for the Grand Prix at Bratislava International Film 
Festival. *Written and Directed by Sean Gullette

"it represents a divine union of Eastern moods and sensibilities with 
punk rock vibes and aesthetics; . . .  With a fast-paced storyline, a 
Moroccan setting, a cast of alluring and unpredictable characters . . . 
and a throbbing, original soundtrack, /Traitors /is a veritable feast 
for the senses . . . "our girl [heroine, Malika] is one part woman, two 
parts rebel, and five parts pure, unfiltered rock and roll, working at a 
French call centre by day and kicking out the jams by night, stuck 
between Maroc and a hard place." --REORIENT

“... a suspense-packed thriller starring promising newcomer Chaimae Ben 
Acha as the leader of a punk rock band who becomes a drug mule...” — 

“fiercely energetic debut … an energetic genre film with a punky, female 
energy…  music, sound and visuals all excellent … a spiky lead turn from 
newcomer Chaimae Ben Acha … a breakout performance…”— HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“A slick and spiky drama, the impressively mounted Traitors, debut film 
from American filmmaker Sean Gullette, is driven by a charismatic 
performance ... an impressive film... breaks rules and creates an 
impressively off-kilter breakout project.” — SCREEN DAILY

  “A thriller with a high dose of adrenaline… Gullette emphasizes young 
peoples’ ability to change their own destiny through sheer force of 
will…  change is possible, thanks to young people fed up with the 
traditions and hypocrisy:   ‘Traitors’ points towards a system they want 
to subvert.*  The film impresses with directorial impact and rigor: 
nothing is out of place, and the growing tension is represented 
effectively through a silent game of gazes,* sounds and sensations to 
melt in the most classic happy ending.” — MY MOVIES, Italy

“A punk rock hymn to the girls and boys of the Arab Spring, TRAITORS 
makes an impact that goes beyond a niche audience… efficiency and 
intelligence of dramatic film writing… protagonist in a complex, dynamic 
role, with the sensitive soul of a rebel. Gullette looks not only to the 
models of American independent cinema but also to some of the most vital 
forces of the Moroccan new wave.— CINEMA AFRICA

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