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On Tuesday, March 31, starting at 5 pm, workers, students and allies will
picket to get justice for survivors of employment discrimination by the
world's richest university. Please join us in Harvard Yard at Massachusetts
Hall, steps from the Harvard Sq T stop in Cambridge (a map is here
We'll expose three specific cases of workplace discrimination:

*Judy Rouse: *an active UNITE HERE shop steward, Judy worked in a dining
hall where managers called workers of color derogatory names. Judy was
written up for her union activity and even assaulted by a manager. When she
called the HUPD* to report the assault, Judy herself was terminated, and
slapped with a no-trespass order in a flagrant abuse of police power.

*Nassim Kerkache*: famous
for his dedication on the job, Nassim became a union rep in HUCTW**, and
stood up to a boss who made racist comments about him & his co-workers.
Nassim's reward was to have the boss tell him to pick between being laid
off or demoted three salary grades! Denied promotion in favor of a
less-qualified, US-born colleague (who made efforts to help management
sweep sexual harassment under the rug), Nassim was fired after he took a
disability leave.

*Paul Casey*: employed for 30+ years, Paul was targeted by an administrator
who perceived him as disabled and tried to get him to quit. After taking an
approved leave to have his hip replaced, Paul pushed himself to return to
his busy job. He came back to work only to be told a few weeks later that
he would be laid off due to "lack of work." His job duties were simply
assigned to co-workers.

*PHONE/EMAIL ZAP:* Please call or email William Murphy, Harvard's Director
of Labor Relations, any time at 617 496-9193, bill_murphy at harvard.edu.
Suggested message, "I am appalled by convincing narratives of
discrimination against terminated employees Judy Rouse, Nassim Kerkache and
Paul Casey. I call on you to use all your influence to see that their cases
are promptly resolved! Failure to do so will invite further consequences."

For more information about workplace discrimination at Harvard, please
visit twoharvards.wordpress.com.

*Harvard University Police Department
**Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers

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