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*March Events*
Center for Marxist Education | 550 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 2nd Floor

*Red History Lecture Series*
*Takiji Kobayashi: Class Struggle and Proletarian Literature in Japan*
Saurday, April 4th 3-5pm

Communist historian Doug Enaa Greene will lecture on the life and times of
Japanese Takiji Kobayashi (1903-1933). Takiji Kobayashi was a Marxist
novelist who was the author of novels such as the Crab Cannery Ship that
exposed the deep injustices and inequality of Japanese society, the
struggles of ordinary people and the dream of an egalitarian society.

*China Discussion Group*
*Film Screening: "Freedom Railway"*
Thursday, April 9th 7pm

In the early 1960’s, the new landlocked country of Zambia had a problem: it
could only export copper through the white settler regimes of Rhodesia and
Mozambique South Africa. Solution: build a railway 1200 miles to a port in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the Indian Ocean. The British and the US had
said it couldn't be done -- but with help from China, the African countries
constructed the longest railway in Subsaharan Africa at that time. The film
(45 min) by Felix Greene describes the construction of the railway, an
outstanding example of Third World/developing country solidarity in the
global South. The film will be followed by discussion including China's
trade relations today in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

*The Violence of Free Trade: Capitalist Origin of Imperialism in South
A presentation by Maximiliano Herrera
Saturday, April 11th 3-5pm

Bourgeois Liberalism presents free trade as the highest expression of human
rights. Therefore, the capitalist state's role in international relations
is to protect free trade. However, this system of free trade is full of
contradictions. What is labeled as free trade actually creates a system of
colonial and dependent nations to an oppressor nation. Free trade is not
free. It is a violent system of oppression. In this talk I hope to outline
out some of those the theoretical sources of violence with examples from
historical and modern Latin American Imperialism.

*Sunday Film Night*
*Battle of Algiers*
Sunday, April 12th 6pm

One of the most influential political films in history, The Battle of
Algiers, by Gillo Pontecorvo, vividly re-creates a key year in the
tumultuous Algerian struggle for independence from the occupying French in
the 1950s. As violence escalates on both sides, children shoot soldiers at
point-blank range, women plant bombs in cafés, and French soldiers resort
to torture to break the will of the insurgents. Shot on the streets of
Algiers in documentary style, the film is a case study in modern warfare,
with its terrorist attacks and the brutal techniques used to combat them.
Pontecorvo’s tour de force has astonishing relevance today. In Arabic and
French with English subtitles. 121 minutes. Black and White.

*"Laws aren't enough - jump into action!"*
Discussion on Healthcare Activism
Monday, April 13th 7-9pm

Passing a law is never enough. From patient safety tweaks to major
overhauls, corporations quickly game the system to get their way. What then
must we do?

Join local activist and retired RN Sandy Eaton for a presentation and
discussion on what happens when we pass laws to help patients and staff but
conditions do not change.

*Class Lessons Of Palestine*
Saturday, April 25th 3-5pm

The global class struggle was very much on British imperialism's mind when
it first announced support for creation of an Israeli state (the Balfour
Declaration, November 1917, note the date). The global class struggle is
critical in the liberation of Palestine. Wadi'h Halabi reviews 100 years of
class lessons of Palestine. These have profound implications for
African-American liberation, indeed, for completing humanity's transition
from capitalism to socialism.

*Center for Marxist Education Hours*
In addition to our event times we are open the following evenings:
Monday – 4-8
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Wednesday – 4-8
Check our Facebook to see which other days we will be open this Spring!

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