[act-ma] Action item: Why are our state legislators going on a free trip to Israel?

pf soto pfsoto at mynas.com
Tue Nov 17 11:57:39 PST 2015

[thanks, Salma!
image added by me: B' Tselem, all well and good but what about the LIVES 
taken out?]

The MA legislators represent all of us with our tax $$$. This is not a 
district issue. Why are out state senators going on a FREE trip to 
Israel? Please sign petition below to object and circulate widely.

You may or may not have heard that 10 Massachusetts State Senators are 
scheduled to visit Israel next month, on a trip sponsored by the JCRC 
(Jewish Community Relations Council) and funded by CJP (Combined Jewish 
Philanthropies), both of which are partisan, pro-Israel organizations 
that regularly lobby lawmakers on Israel’s behalf. The trip is designed 
to present Israel in a positive light and mute international 
condemnation of its treatment of Palestinians; its aim is to promote 
economic and cultural ties between the state of Massachusetts and Israel.

There is a petition circulating that will be delivered to Beacon Hill 
next Monday asking that the Senators not go on the trip.
Click here to sign: http://bit.ly/stopisraeljunkets

And please forward this far and wide!

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