Geoff Carens geoff.carens at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 05:19:59 PST 2015

When workers at the Jamaica Plain Whole Foods petitioned for $1/hr raise,
the company terminated the first person to sign the petition, Ryan, a cook.
Join concerned community members to demand Whole Foods increase pay, stop
anti-worker retaliation and reinstate Ryan! We'll meet at the JP store, 413
Centre Street, starting at 4 pm, today (Saturday).

*BACKGROUND*: Employees at the JP WF store have endured conditions
including constant heat, poor ventilation and grueling workloads. Since
they submitted their petition for more pay, managers have sought to
intimidate workers, including by subjecting them to grillings from a
corporate lawyer, and by firing Ryan. Let's show Whole Foods that worker
intimidation and low pay have no place in our community!

Activists have been picketing the JP Whole Foods every week! Facebook users
can watch a video from last week's protest here

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