[act-ma] Online Vision and Goal Setting Workshop with Muadi B. Dibinga

Muadi Dibinga bijimba at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 01:23:05 PST 2016

I am writing to invite you join me for "Upgrade Your Life!" an online live workshop that is taking place on Sunday, January 31 from 8pm - 10pm.  The primary goal of this workshop is to support individuals in their efforts to create a more peaceful, balanced and abundant life.  I'm a longtime social justice advocate who has  experienced frustration and burnout from my work.  I have also witness the same in my parents who came to the U.S. from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the late 60's to escape political persecution.  Through my experiences and observations I have come to know that it is critical for those of us who seek to bring about social change to have a clear plan for our own lives so that we too can participate in the just society we envision for others.  
If you have been in the trenches for years or are just starting your life of service work I encourage you to consider participating in this workshop.  Longevity in the movement requires that we take the steps to create a balanced life that allows us to give to the world without depleting our souls.  In the workshop I will share information, tools, and resources that I have used over the years that have allowed me to continue my service work and achieve inner peace.   
The first workshop sold out so I am offering it again by popular demand.  You may register at the link below.  Or you may email me for more information.  I you will join me on the 31st!

 Upgrade Your LIFE! LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP (Back by popular demand!)
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In service,Muadi B. Dibinga

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