[act-ma] 1/23 Buena Vista Social Club concert and event cancelled

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Fri Jan 22 09:34:18 PST 2016

Unfortunately the concert below was cancelled so we are also cancelling 
the outreach event.

   One of the things we were going to do is to promote this petition.  
You can do it online.

  Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine has introduced a petition to Congress 
demanding that the Cuban Adjustment Act be ended.

We would appreciate very much your signing on – and persuading friends 
and colleagues to do likewise. It’s important. We indicate why below.

Here’s how to sign. Either click on: 

Or go to our own website at: www.letcubalive.org 

Thank you very much, Tom Whitney, South Paris, Maine

Here’s why you should do this:

    The CAA is more than the “wet foot, dry foot” policy that people
    identify it with.  In force for almost 50 years, that law has led to
    the deaths of innumerable Cubans crossing the Florida Straits in
    small boats.  The survivors, arriving without documents, can expect
    permanent U.S. residency, which the CAA guarantees.

In both theory and practice, the CAA is unfair and discriminatory. It 
privileges the majority of Cubans migrating to the United States who are 
economic migrants. U.S. policies bar similar migrants from every other 
country in the world. The law hypocritically encourages irregular Cuban 
migration to the United States even as U.S. travel to Cuba is 
criminalized and all other Caribbean and Latin American migrants are 

The CAA infringes upon Cuba’s sovereign power to determine its own 
affairs. For example, it entices Cuban professionals away from 
prioritized work, notably Cuban doctors working abroad. The CAA enables 
them to move to the United States under the auspices of the State 
Department’s Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program.  The CAA also 
encourages Cubans to evade their nation’s now liberal regulations 
governing foreign travel and migration.

There is new urgency for the CAA to be ended now. Through this law, the 
United States is complicit with Cuban migrants currently violating the 
border regulations of sovereign South and Central American nations. 
Propelled by the CAA, Cubans trekking north to Texas are creating 
turmoil in those countries.

Above all else, the CAA is an anomaly in the new era of eased Cuba - 
U.S. relations. Normalization of bi-national relations is impossible 
while the CAA continues.

*Cuban Music, Politics and Culture*

*Saturday, January 23, 2016*

*at the Orpheum and Encuentro 5*

*near Park Street Station*

Help us leaflet, petition and outreach to the crowd before and after 
this Concert at the Orpheum Theater: with Eliades Ochoa and Babarito 
Torres from the Buena Vista Social Club.

The show is from 7:30 to about 9:30

We will invite people to stop in for an Open House just a few doors away at

Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place

We will have some light refreshments and musical slide show.

The leaflet will be handing out will also have information about the 
next Peña at Encuentro 5 on the back.

We will be there from 6:30 to 7:30 but the more intense effort will be 
as the crowd exits what should be a great show.

Check out the leaflet at



Just found out about this exhibition.We don’t know anything about it 
except what’s here but it probably worth checking out


The link below provides a concise overview and links to the fuller press 
release review in the Boston Globe.



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