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Sofia Jarrin-Thomas sjarrint at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 09:57:18 PST 2016

Hi, Though It'd pass this around in case anyone is interested. The site is
not up yet but should be ready in the next couple of months. Here's their
Facebook page:

all the best,

*What* *is EmbraceRace? **EmbraceRace* is  an emerging, multiracial, online
community of parents, teachers, other caring adults – and kids! – invested
in helping kids develop the tools they need to meet the challenges that race
poses. See us on Facebook (facebook.com/weembracerace); we launch the web
site i   February 2016.

The community will be organized to pursue three goals:

·         Educating and informing adults about the pervasive impact of race
in kids’ lives.

·         Helping caregivers nurture resilient kids of color and racial
literacy in all kids.

·         Helping caring adults become effective racial equity advocates for

EmbraceRace will feature webinars, panels and discussion groups,   podcast,
and    resources section. The heart of this community will be the thinking,
ideas, questions and experiences that people bring, often in the form o
written, audio, or video blogs. The 8-­‐10 bloggers w  hire will provide
substantial portion of the total blog content for 2016.

*What* *are we looking for in EmbraceRace bloggers? *Above all, we’re
looking for ver  thoughtful people whose experiences, insights, expertise,
questions and concerns give them unusual, interesting and/or valuable
perspectives on issues related to race in the United States, race and kids,
or race and parenting/caregiving-­‐to-­‐kids.

You know who you are!

While we welcome applicants who are parents, teachers, and otherwise care
for kids, you don’t have to be parent/teacher/caregiver or an ‘authority’ in
any of those areas. Nor do you need to have blogged previously.

We’re looking to assemble group of bloggers who are diverse by race and
ethnicity, gender identity, geography, age, experience, interests, and
outlook. Yo   must be willing to talk about your own experiences and
beliefs, and able to d   it compellingly by written or spoken word. We’ll
welcome bloggers’ reflections on relevant issues in the news, developments
in popular culture, and so on, and won’t expect (or want) you to spill your
deepest secrets in each post, but you must have some personal investment,
some “skin in the game,” with respect to the issues you blog about.

*More details!*

·         Bloggers will be consultants, not staff, and will be listed as
members of the EmbraceRace team on the web site and elsewhere.

·         We pay $75/post, and expect each blogger to submit one post every
3 weeks or so.
·         If all goes well, we expect the initial set of bloggers to blog
through 2016, with extensions into 2017 possible on     case-­‐by-­‐case

·         400-­‐800 words sounds about right; 2-­‐3 minutes for audio and

·         The content of blog posts must be original, though you will be
free to cross-­‐post.

·         If you do audio or video posts, you’ll need to submit them
·         Won’t assign topics, though we might make requests. As a rule,
we’ll expect you to blog about topics YOU want to engage, provided they are
suitable for EmbraceRace.

·         You must be a  least 18 years old.

*Application process. *If interested, please submit   note of application by
email to  Andrew at Embracerace.or and Melissa at Embracerace.org.
<Melissa at Embracerace.org> The deadline for submission is Monday, February 1
st. Please include the following information in your note:

·         Your name, racial/ethnic identity, gender identity, age (or
approximate age, if you prefer), and where you live. We’ll be looking
diverse group of bloggers along these and other dimensions.

·         Examples of the kinds of topics you would want to blog about for

·         Tell us    bit about yourself. Why would you be successful as
EmbraceRace blogger?

·         How soon could you submit your first post?

·         Would you expect to write, audio-­‐record, or video-­‐record your

·         Please include one sample of your writing or speaking, something
edited only by you.

By Monday, February 8th we’ll have followed up with selected candidates to
schedule    phone or Skype call and hope to make jo   offers by the third
wee  in February.

Please feel free to pass this notice on to others who might be interested!

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