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| Dear Magdalena -- 

Are you ready to throwyourself into Jill Stein's campaign for people, planet, and peace overprofit?As the campaign accelerates into 2016, we are hiring talented andmotivated people for key campaign positions.Among the current openings are:   
   - Campaign manager
   - Fundraising director
   - Assistant field director for ballot access
   - Youth director
   - Administrative assistant (part-time)
Click here for more information on thepositions available and how to apply.You can also help Jill’s campaign by sharing this announcement withanyone you know who might be interested in applying to work on thecampaign.The full time positions come with health benefits, and allpositions offer a living wage and the chance to work with a dynamic,committed team on the campaign of a lifetime.If you would like to use your skills, experience and enthusiasmwith the Jill Stein campaign but do not see a specific job postingthat fits, please feel free to send us a resume and cover letterexplaining what you could offer the campaign.We’re looking forward to bringing in new team members to help uscreate an America, and a world, that works for all of us.It’s in our hands!
Deputy Campaign Manager
Jill Stein for President


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