[act-ma] TOMORROWFri 2/26 Protest Paul Kagame @ Harvard KSG 4:45 PM

David Rolde davidrolde at comcast.net
Thu Feb 25 09:36:03 PST 2016

Protest against Paul Kagame speaking at Harvard Kennedy School of Government February 26, 2016 79 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 

Anti-imperialist Peace & Justice Activists, including activists from Congo, will be demonstrating on the sidewalk on JFK Street starting at 4:45 pm as the line of ticketholders forms to go in to Paul Kagame's talk at 5:30. Info about the talk at http:// www.iop.harvard.edu/ public-address-his-excellen cy-paul-kagame 

Paul Kagame is the U.S.-installed president of Rwanda. Kagame (who was trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) has been the dictator of Rwanda since he marched into Rwanda leading a U.S.-armed invasion army from Uganda in 1994. Kagame, with his imperialist-backed military invasion and takeover of Rwanda, is the real perpetrator of the 1994 Rwanda genocide , but western media turned reality backwards and blamed the legitimate government of Rwanda for the genocide. 

While under Kagame's rule, Rwanda is a repressive police state with one of the highest per capita rates of imprisonment in the world. Dissent and free speech is not allowed in Rwanda. Rwandan dissidents are hunted down even in the United States and deported to Rwanda to be imprisoned or executed. 

Furthermore Kagame's Rwanda has been the base for imperialist U.S.-backed invasions of Congo that have killed over ten million people! Kagame's army has engaged in widespread rape of millions of women, children and men in Congo. Kagame controls "rebel" groups destabilizing all of eastern Congo. Kagame is looting Congo of valuable mineral resources including Coltan. 

Recently Kagame has been calling for war against Burundi next. 

Kagame is one of the most heinous mass murderers in the world. Please come out to protest him. 

This protest will be happening with participation of members of Boston Anti-Zionist Action, the ANSWER anti-war coalition, and the Congolese activist group Génération Révoltée 

Fb event page for the protest at https://www.facebook.com/events/201673943521976/ 

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