[act-ma] 6/01 Luisa Campos Director of Havana's "Museum of Literacy" and of the "Si yo puedo" Global Literacy Campaign.

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Mon May 30 07:23:00 PDT 2016

Luisa Campos Director of Havana's "Museum of Literacy" and of the "Si, 
yo puedo"

Global Literacy Campaign.

The *Cuban Literacy Campaign* was a year-long effort to abolish 
illiteracy in Cuba after the Cuban Revolution 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Revolution>. It was the world's 
most ambitious and organized literacy campaign.

Before 1959 the official literacy rate for Cuba was between 60% and 76%, 
largely because of lack of education access in rural areas and a lack of 
instructors. As a result, the Cuban government dubbed 1961 the "year of 
education" and sent "literacy brigades" out into the countryside to 
construct schools, train new educators, and teach the predominantly 
illiterate peasants to read and write. The campaign was "a remarkable 
success." By its completion, 707,212 adults were taught to read and 
write, raising the national literacy rate to 96%.

The Literacy Campaign was also designed to enhance contact between 
sectors of society that would not usually interact. As Fidel Castro put 
it in 1961 while addressing literacy teachers, “You will teach, and you 
will learn.”

The Cuban literacy program Yo sí Puedo, created to teach adults how to 
read and write has extended with great results to various countries in 
Latin America and the rest of the world.^

*Wed. June 1,7-9pm free/donation requested*

*Encuentro 5 (E5)*

*9A Hamilton Place*

*Boston**, Ma*

Near Park St. T and the on the same street as the Orpheum Theatre

*Tuesday May 31 7-9pmfree/donation requested*

*Center for Marxist Education in Central Square, (a smaller space)*

*550 Massachusetts Avenue**(Central Square)*
Cambridge, MA

Luisa Campos will be in the Boston area for several more days and is 
open to speaking to other interested groups. She wants to talk about 
education, especially with teachers and parents, and to hear about our 
perceptions of education in the US. Contact Andrea Devine at 
andreagdevine at gmail.com if you have suggestions.


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