[act-ma] SoJust: 2/6 Time Management ProfDev, 2/14 Dating While Progressive (Singles Party!)

Robbie Samuels send2robbie at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 10:47:56 PST 2017

Reading this? Hello! Hit reply to say hello back. Let me know what kinds of
ProfDevs you'd most like to see Socializing for Justice host.

Hope your new year is off to a great start. With so much negative news in
your email and feed, I wanted to share some opportunities to connect with
like-minded progressives in Boston. It's time to work on your time
management (2/6), find romance (2/14), and learn how to fundraise for the
work ahead (3/7). More details and RSVP at www.SoJust.org.

Tired of online dating? Have room for more love in your life? Then you'll
want to join us for our annual *Dating While Progressive
event, a fun and welcoming singles party!

Upcoming ProfDev on Tuesday, 3/7: Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of

*Next ProfDev on Tuesday, 2/6: *The ABCs of Sustainable Time Management

Was one of your resolutions to be more productive? More organized? Find
balance between work and everything else that matters to you? Need some
help meeting those goals?

Join Socializing for Justice for a ProfDev on *The ABCs of Sustainable Time
Management on Tuesday, Feb 7 from 6:00-8:30 PM *at The NonProfit Center by
South Station.

Fee: $15 advance/$30 door - split with trainer
Limited space - register ahead of time at www.SoJust.org.
Credit cards accepted online and at the door.
*Newcomers always welcomed!*

The ABCs of Sustainable Time Management
Too much to do? Too little time? Learn the ABCs of sustainable time
management to focus your Attention, establish good Boundaries, and make
wise Choices. Rather than being overwhelmed with tips that feel like just
more items on your To-Do List, you'll dig down to the issues that lie at
the core of the trouble. New insights and skills from this hands-on time
management lab help you deal with distractions, priorities, and
procrastination. Get the sense of satisfaction, sovereignty, and service
that comes from managing your time sustainably.

Pam Kristan, seminar leader, consultant, and author of "Awakening In Time",
has helped thousands of individuals and organizations operate with ease and
effectiveness. She moderated panels for National Take Back Your Time Day
speak-outs and has been featured in national broadcast and print media.
Learn more at www.pamelakristan.com. <http://www.pamelakristan.com/>


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Socializing for Justice - www.sojust.org

SoJust hosts events that draw progressives of all stripes that share common
values but may work on different issues. We host monthly socials that allow
for the possibility of cross-issue connections and run a monthly ProfDev
Series, hosted by The NonProfit Center*, which provides access to
affordable professional development to increase our individual capacity for
movement building.

With over 3000 members and 10+ years of creating a diverse cross-issue
community in Boston (225+ events!), Socializing for Justice is the best
place to find the great people, organizations and community you're looking
for while putting the SOCIAL back in social justice.

YES, WE MEAN YOU. We've got members of all ages, races, genders, sexual
orientations, levels of activism and professions. We hope you see someone
like yourself and meet someone you otherwise wouldn't have.

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