[act-ma] 3/15 Application Deadline for NEWTR Grants

Edward Agro edagro12 at verizon.net
Thu Feb 2 17:11:35 PST 2017

[Forwarded for Larry Rosenwald and New England War Tax Resistance]

I'm very happy to report, NEWTR is making grants again this year, maximum
grant $750, deadline for submitting a grant MARCH 15th, grants to be
announced by April 15th. The Grant Guidelines appear below. The Grant
Application  can be had by sending a request to lawrence.rosenwald at gmail.com .

And do forward this to anyone you think might be interested!

Thanks in advance for your proposals. If you've got questions, send them to
me at the above email address.

All good wishes,

Larry Rosenwald for the New England War Tax Resistance Grants Committee


New England War Tax Resistance (NEWTR) is an eclectic group of people who
refuse for reasons of conscience to pay all or part of their income tax
and/or their telephone tax to the US Government. Some of us deposit the
money we withhold from the government into the NEWTR Alternative Fund. The
principal of our withheld taxes remains in escrow and is invested in
organizations whose goals we support. Interest from these investments is
disbursed in the form of small grants to local organizations. NEWTR is one
of a network of similar funds around the country, which together represent
thousands of war tax resisters. Active in Boston since its founding in
1968, NEWTR has in that period disbursed over $250,000.

NEWTR also provides information on war tax resistance, has counselors
available to talk to people doing or considering doing war tax resistance,
gives introductory workshops, usually in the months leading up to April 15,
and usually organizes tax day actions.

Grants range from a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $750.

Grants usually go to:
Groups that work against violence and militarism locally and/or globally;
Community-based groups focusing on economic and social justice issues.

We give preference to groups that have trouble obtaining funds elsewhere
because of their politics, their size, or their structure, and for whom our
support makes a major difference. We prefer to help organizations take
action rather than to simply disseminate information. Other things being
equal, we prefer to give grants to organizations that we have not funded in
the recent past. Please note that grants and loans never go to individuals
or to projects whose main purpose is the spreading of a religious doctrine,
and rarely are given for travel expenses. We especially welcome proposals
from groups that are multi-cultural and/or multi-racial.

[Note: It's my understanding that NEWTR prefers to award grants to
Boston-area groups, but will also consider applications from further away.
- ea]

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