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Adam Frost computercareandlearning at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 06:42:43 PST 2017

A large, struggling food co-op with extremely weak member participation (250
out of 4000 members bothered to vote in the last board election) needs a
dynamic, experienced outreach director who will help members find joy and
meaning in being an active and caring part of the food co-op. Since some of
the leadership of the co-op is not experienced in the value of this kind of
outreach, part of getting the job will require educating the board in how
vital this work is, and show by vivid examples of past work how deep and
numerous member involvement can change the co-op.  Please send a short essay
(fewer than 500 words. please) describing how you would go about wooing the
board and winning the members. Please email to:
adamfrost at computerCareandLearning.com. Please let me know if any questions
about this position. Please note that I am not a leader of this co-op, but
am an active member, and I will work hard to help you get board acceptance
for you to create and do this job.  - Adam Frost 617-325-9526



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