[act-ma] Energy (and Other) Events Correction

gmoke gmoke at world.std.com
Thu Jun 1 11:16:20 PDT 2017

The following event has been cancelled.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

Sharon McGregor: From Turf to Paradise - In your own backyard (or window box)!
Sunday, June 4, 2017
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
One Fayette Park, Cambridge
Potuck 6:00-7:00 p.m. followed by discussion 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Biodiversity for a LIvable Climate is a small non-profit so a $10 donation is requested, but no one will be turned away based on ability to pay. 

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate has a profound, even gripping, story to tell.  It is a story people want to hear because it is positive, hopeful, inspirational!  The story’s overriding message is that humans can turn the climate crisis around if we join together, role up our sleeves, and get right to ecological restoration at the local, regional, and continental scales. 

Sharon McGregor, Board Member of Bio4Climate, will present a PowerPoint presentation telling this story as she interprets it.  She will briefly present the climate urgency most of us know well as a backdrop to the nature solutions we all need to understand and participate in.  She will highlight how she implemented a nature solution benefiting climate in her own back yard, by transforming it from a monoculture monotone lawn to the vibrant colorful and biodiverse ecosystem it once was. Sharon will introduce a new approach to decision making, which she says everyone should apply to their own decision-making in the home and workplace, and in general daily living.  This decision-making approach places biodiversity and ecosystem health at the forefront of our decisions. 

Sharon will lead us in discussion to get everyone thinking about:  What is our story?  What should the “I want to read that” title be?  Are the main chapters identified and are they included in our story, or are we missing something?  What are the most important parts of the story we want our varied audiences to hear?  How do we best tell the most important parts of the story in a way that people understand and are motivated to act?  How do we tell the story to the press, so that they want to report on it and do so in a way that will inspire new, aggressive actions on the nature part of the solution to the climate crisis, while maintaining (and inspiring even greater) momentum on the emissions side. 

Come hear the story and help complete it. 

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