[act-ma] Mazin Qumsiyeh on This Week In Palestine: MIT Science Conference:

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Mon Jan 27 06:36:36 PST 2020

/This Week In Palestine/ broadcasted the speech that Mazin Qumsiyeh gave 
at Community Church in Boston earlier this month. If you missed it, here 
is your chance to hear it.

/This////Week In Palestine /is a weekly radio broadcast,//hosted by John 
Roberts every Sunday morning at 8:00AM in the Boston area on WZBC, 90.3 
FM. It features the Palestinian narrative, the Palestinian voice which 
is so seldom available in the mainstream media.

You can also stream the program live online on your computer at 
WZBC.or*g.* You can hear the broadcast later in the day, or at any time 
for the next two weeks (one week left) through the WZBC.org homepage 
archive. Just go to Sunday, 8:00AM and click on listen.

You can access all of the past broadcasts online by going to our 
permanent archive at *truthandjusticeradio.org*: click on This Week in 
Palestine Archive.

Mazin has a doctorate in Biology, and taught at both Duke and Yale 
Universities, but is back in Palestine at Bethlehem University where he 
has founded the Palestine Natural History Museum. Mazin came to 
Cambridge to speak at the annual Science for Palestine Conference at 
MIT. Most of us know Mazin as an activist, but he is also a passionate 
scientist who sees the Intersectionality between science, climate change 
and social justice.

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