[act-ma] Alternative listing audio shows.

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sun Mar 29 07:04:27 PDT 2020

Most of the local college stations are shut down temporarily or are 
playing computer picked items.

There are many good podcasts and links to other radio shows.

Truth and Justice Radio <https://truthandjusticeradio.org/> maintains a 
list of places where it draws content from.

Radio 4 All <http://radio4all.net/> has an interesting variety of shows.

My pick of the week from Radio 4 All is this presentation by Workers 
World Party.

It starts with a list of 10 demands to respond to the crisis.


Work week Radio <https://soundcloud.com/workweek-radio>is highly 

The list of sources of shows is available at


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