[act-ma] 5/01 Two Mayday Caravans

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Apr 29 04:52:30 PDT 2020

Mass Peace Action MAPA 1-2 PM(co-sponsored by the Boston Mayday Committee)

Greater Boston Labor Council 
and Massachusetts AFL-CIO State Fed 
   3-4 PM

*Details below


*Boston May Day Car Rally: Solidarity in the time of COVID-19*

*May 1 @ 1:00 pm** - 2:00 pm*

May Day Car Rally to Support Essential Workers » 

*Friday, May 1, 2020 – Gather at 1:00 pm*

*Meet at 1175 Soldier’s Field Rd. (next to Christian Herter Park), Allston*

*Car Caravan to Massachusetts State House*

Massachusetts Peace Action invites area residents to participate in a 
car rally in Boston to support national and international solidarity as 
the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the globe. The impact of the 
Corona-19 pandemic has been overwhelming in our country. It has been 
especially devastating for the poor and for Black, Brown, and Indigenous 
communities. At the same time, wealthy elites value their profits more 
than people lives.

Now is the time to imagine and act together for reorganizing society 
around the needs of all the people, especially of the poor and working 
people. We invite you to join us and magnify the potential impact of 
this message by distributing it and acting similarly locally and globally.

Join us in support of the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres call 
to waive “the sanctions imposed on countries to ensure access to food, 
essential health supplies, and COVID-19 medical support. This is the 
time for solidarity not exclusion. Let us remember that we are only as 
strong as the weakest health system in our interconnected world.”

*US sanctions are devastating in ordinary times. But collectively 
punishing entire populations during a global pandemic is an even more 
ruthless form of barbarism.*

*What do we call for?*

Support frontline staff fighting COVID-19 and essential workers here and 
around the world

Bailout small businesses, not corporations

End US sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria

Fund the Green New Deal, No subsidies to oil and gas corporations

End the blockade of Gaza, the largest open-air prison in the world

Invest in public education and job training not in wars and militarism

Cancel all student loans by cutting the bloated defense and war budget

Cooperation with China ‘No’ to warmongering and racism

Support immigrants and refugees – ‘No’ to detentions, deportation, and 

Car Rally, Northampton, April 20. Read a report 

Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action.  Endorsed by Friends Meeting at 
Cambridge; Campaign for Peace, Disarmament, and Common Security; New 
Democracy Coalition; Jewish Voice for Peace Boston; Our Revolution 
Massachusetts; Resistance Center for Peace & Justice; Witness for Peace 
New England; Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western 
Massachusetts; Codepink of Western Massachusetts; Traprock Center for 
Peace and Justice; American Friends Service Committee; Boston Democratic 
Socialists of America – Internationalism Working Group; Veterans for 
Peace – Chapter 9 – Smedley D. Butler Brigade

Organizations are invited to cosponsor by contacting 
info at masspeaceaction.org <mailto:info at masspeaceaction.org>

*Route: Travel to the Massachusetts State House by way of:*

South on Everett St. (.7 miles)

Left on Brighton Ave. (Rt. 20) (.7 miles)

Brighton Ave becomes Commonwealth Ave. (2.8 miles)

Right on Arlington St. (at Boston Public Garden) (.1 miles)

Left on Boylston St. (.1 miles)

Left on Charles St. (between Public Garden and Boston Common) (.2 miles)

Right on Beacon St. (.3 miles)

Arrive at Massachusetts State House

*Car Rally Protest Guide*

When putting signs outside on the car use painter tape as to not damage 
the paint on the car.
Do NOT use Scotch Tape or Duct Tape.

If you drive with a passenger s/he can hold a larger sign outside the 
window. Since the caravan of cars moves slowly it should not be a 
problem to hold the sign.

If you put signs on the car windows from the inside or outside of the 
car you can use Scotch tape. The signs on the back window can be larger.

If the convoy of cars breaks at an intersection the advance section will 
slow down or stop when possible to wait for the others to join.

Print the map of the convoy’s path to use in case you lose the convoy so 
you can find your way to the State House.

The caravan will move very slowly and when possible on the road 
shoulder, or inside the parking lane to allow normal traffic to pass the 

Drivers are encouraged to use the horn to draw attention to the convoy.

At the State House the convoy will stop for a photo op.
Drivers/passengers will step outside the cars holding their signs for 
the photo op.

Facebook <https://masspeaceaction.org/#facebook>Twitter 
<https://masspeaceaction.org/#twitter>Copy Link 




May 1


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

*Event Tags:*

Car Rally <https://masspeaceaction.org/tag/car-rally/>, Featured Post 
<https://masspeaceaction.org/tag/featuredpost/>, May Day 


Massachusetts Peace Action 


Herter Park Amphitheater (Parking Lot) 

1175 Soldier's Field Road
Boston, MA 02134 United States + Google Map 


  May Day Car Rally to Support Essential Workers

· Hosted by Greater Boston Labor Council 
and Massachusetts AFL-CIO State Fed 

_/3 to 4 PM

USPS at Summer St & Dorchester Ave, Boston Show Map 

We'll keep our physical distance in our cars but come ready to rally in 
support of the #frontlineheroes 
<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/frontlineheroes> who are working 
essential jobs every day. Make signs to display in your car windows! #1u 

How do I join the car rally?
We will be meeting by the USPS facility at the intersection of Summer 
Street and Dorchester Ave in Boston. We are working with the City of 
Boston to safely line up along Summer Street. Try to arrive early enough 
to safely line up.

The first car in line will be at Dorchester Ave & Summer St, facing 
east. As you arrive, join the back of the line which will extend down 
Summer Street, and wrap around South Station onto Atlantic Ave.

A few tips:
*Make sure your car has signs! We'll soon have downloadable 
print-at-home templates or you can make your own. We'll have a list of 
messages to choose from so that we're all speaking with a unified voice!

*Turn on your blinkers and headlights & please stay in your car/keep 
your physical distance.

*Listen to speakers via our live stream call in number (available before 
the event begins).

*A representative will give PPE to each location as we hear from a 
worker at the site via the live stream.

*Follow the caravan when it starts moving, honking in appreciation as we 
travel past the USPS facility and then onto Boston Hope Hospital (Boston 
Convention Center) to thank workers there and donate PPE.



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