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May 15, 1948–present

Of course, the Nakba did not suddenly begin on May 15, 1948. The history of the Nakba begins much earlier with the Balfour Declaration and earlier still. This year we are proud to be hosting Palestinian poet Sara Abou Rashed in two completely different events: one live with other distinguished poets such as Mosab Abu Toha, just featured in the latest issue of Banipal 67: Magazine of Modern Arab Literature, and the other in a video celebration of words, movement, music, and iconic Nakba images. Read on!


POETS FOR PALESTINE: Honoring the NAKBA<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474644/195696211/-2021665848?fbclid=IwAR3pn6y__T1Iu8017IP8antJYNBp11EnNZiWSPXmHBPByE3WsI-Q7LE4qP0&nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260>
Thursday, May 14, 6:30pm

JVP Boston Chapter's monthly meeting returns this Thursday with a special event on the eve of the Nakba, "catastrophe" in Arabic, when 750,000 Palestinians were forced into exile, losing their homes, land, and right to return. Yes, we are still virtual—but we can all be in the same Zoom room with 5 amazing poets: Mosab Abu Toha, Sara Abou Rashed, Ashley Rose, Erik Andrade, and Ruby Poltorak. Their original poetry lifts up the resilience and resistance of Palestinians in the face of the ongoing Nakba and at the same time, points to our connectedness.  Tickets are free, simply register at the above link and we will send you the invite. Join us!


72 YEARS, A BIRTH CERTIFICATE<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474645/195696219/-1538498661?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260>
Friday, May 15, 12:00 noon - midnight

A spoken word tribute to her homeland Palestine—written and performed by Sara Abou Rashed, accompanied by an international cast of performance artists in a poetry-in-movement video. The video will premiere at noon, on our facebook page: Jewish Voice for Peace Boston.<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474646/195696236/-1401000782?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260> Funded by Palestine Advocacy Project and JVP Boston.

And from JVP National
Nakba Day Rally<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474647/195696241/-833423810?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260>
May 15th, 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Join the global online Nakba Day Rally on May 15th, 2020. We'll hear from Palestinian speakers, performers, and artists, as well as key figures in the solidarity movement!
Help #SpreadSolidarity

Hosted by Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Boycott National Committee (BNC), South African BDS Coalition, and Jewish Voice for Peace

To learn more about the Nakba, check out “Facing the Nakba,” an educational resource for U.S. Jews and a general U.S. audience about the history of the Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic) and its present implications in Palestine/Israel.

An important message from our JVP Executive Director...

“...what is our most powerful contribution?”  ~ Stefanie Fox, Exec Dir JVP

"I knew stepping into the ED role would be an enormous honor and big responsibility, but I never could have imagined starting during a global pandemic, with my toddler and partner also home full time – what a time. What keeps me grounded is the incredible work of our grassroots leaders all across the country. I’m so eager to connect more deeply with all of you in Boston, to hear how you are holding up in this time, and to dive into the JVP work together that this crisis has only rendered more urgent and important. I’ll be virtually "road tripping" all over the country in the next couple months, thinking and talking deeply with all of our chapters. I look forward to "stopping by" Boston, especially as your work is often such an amazing example for the whole organization.

Figuring out where and how to steer JVP in this time is difficult. The guiding question we must ask ourselves, again and again throughout this crisis is: what is our most powerful contribution? We're going to need to collectively stay nimble, stay close, and continue adjusting as political conditions change.

We’ve made the decision to reorganize Melissa’s role – to shift her role from being the chapter organizer to being an organizer within JVP Action.  This means that the Boston chapter will no longer have a paid staff organizer. It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly and I wanted to give you a full explanation of the strategic and organizational reasoning. Please read on for all the details.

The stakes of this crossroad moment are unprecedented. A global pandemic is following the mandates of structural vulnerability in our society, incubating further death and inequality in its path. Meanwhile, rightwing authoritarian governments and their corporate sponsors mine the chaos and crisis—using it to increase control, power, and profit. In the US, the 2020 election cycle, which was already one of the most important of our lifetimes, has become a key place where we will battle out the future before us. In Israel/Palestine, Gaza might phase a catastrophic outbreak and we see the Israeli government moving swiftly toward de jure Apartheid, with annexation of the West Bank looming.

We know we can’t do everything at once – this pandemic means we don’t have the money, time, focus, or flexibility to have many small programs and silos in our work. We are facing major budgetary cuts and prioritizing a few key areas of work to maximize our impact:

1. Bring the full power of our grassroots base to the 2020 election cycle. By focusing on Congressional races with JVP Action for the next 6 months we have the opportunity to re-set the playing field upon which we will continue to organize, agitate and build our movement. It’s essential that we have people in office who are from our movements, and who will lead a people-centered crisis response and recovery from the US to Palestine/Israel. The entire movement will be set back if the few bold MOCs already fighting for Palestinian rights are voted out. And at the same time, we must back those insurgent challengers to establishment democrats trying to join their ranks. Their races just got a whole lot harder, as the biggest alternative to incumbent name recognition is in-person time on the doors. It will take ingenuity and twice the effort on phones to make up for the new challenges of social distancing during a campaign.

2. Rapidly mobilize around current events. From ending the siege on Gaza to prisoner release to addressing impending annexation, there is so much happening that we need to respond to. We’ll need to tack and turn as an organization to campaign effectively in this time. Working more closely and cohesively than we’ve ever before as a staff, membership and with our partners. We need to take full advantage of our digital platforms while relying on the creativity and energy of our base to creatively escalate those campaigns offline—together, we can figure out how to get to real wins.

3. Tend the fires of our political home. We must continue to foster connection, collaboration, and cross-pollination within our network(s) in the field—members, chapters, havurah network, rabbis, and more. Local organizing remains an absolutely foundational core of our organization, and we will be creatively figuring out together with our chapter leaders how best we can nurture and mobilize our local powercenters in this time. Stay tuned!

Staffing changes at JVP
With a starting place for our priorities through this moment and the economic crisis at hand, we’ve had to move decisively in regards to our staffing. As always, our core values are guiding how we are approaching all our decisions, but in particular our budgeting for the personnel line in this time is guided by:

  *   Our top priority is to fulfill our mission powerfully and effectively.
  *   It is a very strong value to maintain our responsibility as an employer to current full time staff
  *   To meet the priorities while dealing with new austerity, we will be sun-setting a few roles and moving those staff people into the most essential positions needed for JVPs survival and success in this time.

In addition to filling vacancies in fundraising after all core members left their positions in fall 2019, we also planned to hire short-term organizers to support our electoral campaigning in JVP Action, and had to pause all those plans. As a result, one of the numerous staffing changes we have made is reorganizing the Boston Chapter Local Organizing position held by Melisssa. We are excited about Melissa carrying her relationships throughout the chapter and with partners into the field strategy for the Ihsanne Leckey race, and in turn hope that the JVPA organizing locally will build a greater base and energy that will flow back into long term local organizing.”

A few words from the Chapter Organizing Team about staying nimble
As you can imagine, losing our organizer presents a new challenge for the chapter. We will deeply miss Melissa's energy and creativity as organizer. Be assured, some things, like our values and mission have not changed. We are steadfast in our primary commitment to work for justice in Palestine/Israel, to be accountable to Palestinian leadership and community, to reflect in our work the racial justice transformation we are committed to and continued work for Jewish Community transformation. JVP Boston has a strong history and new alliances to build on and we (Chapter Organizing Team) will have to rethink how we go about our work: what to prioritize, how to structure the chapter's work. We'd like to do that thinking together with active and interested members, our ally partners and, especially, our Palestinian partners. We will be reaching out very soon about when that will happen. Stay tuned!

JVP NYC’s weekly #FreeThemAll phone bank
Through this link<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474649/195696243/-237930982?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260>, you can tune into JVP NYC’s weekly one-hour phone banks, held Thursdays at noon, to free all people from jails, prisons, and detention centers—from NY to Palestine. This effort is crucial for public health and for collective liberation.

Along with the ACLU, our ally partners Muslim Justice League (MJL), Families for Justice As Healing (FJAH), Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW) and dozens of other endorsers, JVP Boston has signed a letter<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474650/195696244/2115133954?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260> that 1) bans government use of face surveillance and 2) requires City Council approval for data sharing between Boston Public Schools (BPS), Boston Police Dept. (BPD), ICE, and other agencies. The stakes are high and the danger is real. Any information the BPD has can go to ICE, so it's up to the city in addition to BPS to create a firewall between young people's information and the BPD. Boston joins San Francisco<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474651/195696245/1213297238?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260> in this important step toward protecting our immigrant and undocumented neighbors—as well as other marginalized communities—from the violence of the criminal justice system. This is how we work to crack the school-to-prison pipeline. It is part of our abolition work—here in Boston and in Palestine/Israel. Remember BDS Campaign to stop Microsoft? JVP helped to #DropAnyVision.

To learn more: Boston introduces municipal ban on face surveillance technology<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474652/195696246/-519065926?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&ceid=228260>

About my changing role...
It has been an honor to put my passion for Palestinian and all peoples’ liberation to work through my role as Local Organizer for JVP Boston. Just 10 months! But we did a lot! My highlights: Shine a Hanukkah Light on the Deadly Exchange;  Bubbes standing up to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL); collaborations and alliances with the immigrants, refugees and abolition movements; and two events I just put my heart into honoring the Nakba; sharing in the newsletter what JVP Boston is up to at the moment; and working with Marjorie Suisman has been a dream. I welcome JVP member Nicole Cohen to this effort.

My passion does not stop. Not for a second. I’m just gonna put a different hat on for now. I’ll be called National Organizer for JVP Action and I’ll be creating some events and actions and inviting you all to lots of opportunities to help get Ihassane Lecky elected. Maybe you’ll want to join me in that effort? I hope so. For now, see you mostly in the virtual  world.

Please stay safe and healthy – the world needs every one of you. There is so much to do.

Love & solidarity,

Jewish Voice for Peace is a national membership oganization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for the justice, equality, and dignity of all the people of Israel/Palestine. Become a JVP Member today<https://click.everyaction.com/k/17474653/195696247/352585387?emci=d8866e2d-8d94-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&emdi=90614949-2b95-ea11-86e9-00155d03b5dd&am=36&fn=Kevin&mn=&ln=Heaton&em=kevwsc%40hotmail.com&add1=&ci=Arlington&st=MA&pc=02474&hp=5088268310&mp=5049268310&wp=&ep=&oc=&p=&s=&tknfa=2c5zbIGpNP5YsZ8us2kk3e88TaCOmIppzjDCXGSdyMo%3D&nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9KVlAvSlZQLzEvNjE4ODEiLA0KICAiRGlzdHJpYnV0aW9uVW5pcXVlSWQiOiAiOTA2MTQ5NDktMmI5NS1lYTExLTg2ZTktMDAxNTVkMDNiNWRkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsQWRkcmVzcyI6ICJrZXZ3c2NAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iDQp9&hmac=GsxXljMlYtOz5F4446NVEX22bsDPwRSFav5cQ_bWvhM=&ceid=228260>.

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