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Webinar: Why There Are No George Floyds in Cuba

Tuesday, July 7, 8:00 PM (Eastern)
(This Program will go for 2 hours with Q&A)

Call meeting to order, welcome, the introduction of co-chairs:

Nesbit Crutchfield — Involved in Progressive Solidarity activities and 
movements for over 52+ years. Starting with his involvement and 
imprisonment with the BSU/TWLF Strike @ San Francisco State University 
in 1968, to his activism with the Anri-Apartheid Movement in support of 
the ANC in the establishment of a Democratic South Africa. A long term 
veteran and activist in Puerto Rican, Haitian, and Cuban Solidarity 
work, and is now active in the Bay Area and National Venceremos Brigade.


 From left: Jamilah Bourdon — Organizer, All-African People's 
Revolutionary Party; Jamilah has been studying and organizing around 
anticapitalism for over half her life; She has been participated in 
community defense organizing, anti-foreclosure security, free breakfast 
programs and liberation schools. Forward ever!

Kennedee Geffinger — Universal Zulu Nation Hip Hop for Humanity 
Committee; Children’s Programs Director, JCC Harlem; Founder, Keys to Ubuntu


August Nimtz — Author: "Why There Are No George Floyds in Cuba."
Co-coordinator of the Minnesota Cuba Committee; Professor of Political 
Science and African American and African Studies, University of 
Minnesota; Co-Author (with Esteban Morales), The Dynamics of Racial 
Discrimination in Cuba, Past and Present; Author, Marxism vs Liberalism: 
Comparative Real-Time Political  Analysis.

Yanet Pumariega Pérez — Third Secretary, Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C.

Rodney A. Gonzalez Maestrey — Counselor to the Cuban Embassy in 
Washington DC (October 2018). Master Degree, International Relations 
(2011). Major in Economics, University of Havana, (2005).

Soffiyah Elijah, Esq — Long Time Activist, Organizer, and Friend of Cuba

Michael Washington —  Longtime Oklahoma-based Black Liberation freedom 
fighter and supporter of Second Amendment rights for African Americans 
in the tradition of Robert F. Williams and Malcolm X; Organizing project 
documenting African Americans killed by US police authorities to present 
a petition to International World Court; Certified Paralegal; Founder, 
Empower People Inc.; Leading organizer and participant of peaceful, 
legal mass actions, self-policed by Black and Caucasian armed veterans, 
and Oklahoma City on Juneteenth and in counter-protest to Trump's Tulsa 

Ahjamu Umi —  Organizer, All-African People's Revolutionary Party for 36 
years; Ahjamu does a weekly webinar series on subjects from formulating 
revolutionary parties and alternatives to the policing system; He has 
engaged in community defense for many years, standing in the face of 
armed white supremacists; Ahjamu has contributed to formulating 
liberation schools for youth in Oregon and California and around the 
clock anti-foreclosure house security and shutdowns. His writings can be 
seen at www dot betterworld.me

Gabriel Prawl —  President, International Longshore and Warehouse Union 
Local 152. Leading organizer of an unprecedented work stoppage of ILWU 
members up and down the West Coast in solidarity with Black Lives Matter 
against police murder and brutality.

César Omar Sánchez —  Organizer, New York/New Jersey Cuba Sí Coalition, 
Advisory Board Member of ProLibertad: Free All Political Prisoners Campaign.

Cuba Solidarity in Solidarity with
Black Lives Matter Movement

Left: Chelliah Phillips —  An activist and organizer for POC Bergenfield 
Alumni and 4Change Bergen County. Also a leader and creator of a 
nonprofit organization 4Change Scholarship. Passionate in fighting 
social injustices and Human rights issues.

Right: Vanessa Amoah —  Ghanaian-American 24-year-old Graduate Student 
fighting against racial injustice and part of POC Bergenfield Alumni and 
4Change Bergen County organizations.
Pacey Hackett  —  LA activist and organizer at massive Black Lives 
Matter protests. Member, Bay Area Amazonians working to organize and 
unionize California warehouse workers. Active in LA US Hands Off Cuba 

Mark Ginsburg —  Professor, University of Maryland. Mark has taught 
recently at the University of Havana in Cuba. Longtime activist with DC 
Metro Coalition in Solidarity With the Cuban Revolution. Participated in 
mass Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, DC.

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Presentation followed by Q&A

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In Solidarity,
Organizing Committee, International Conference for the Normalization of 
US-Cuba Relations
Saving Lives Campaign US-CANADA-CUBA Cooperation
New York-New Jersey Cuba Sí Coalition

End All Economic and Travel Sanctions Against Cuba!
Return Guantanamo Territory to Cuba!
Stop US “Regime Change” Policy Against Cuba!

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