[act-ma] 10/05/2020-10/11/2020: HONK!United: dates extended, due to popular demand, for the online festival of activist street bands

Mary C. Curtin mary.c.curtin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 20:04:32 PDT 2020

 <http://honkunited.org/> HONK!UNITED


Organized by the HONK! Festival,
based in Somerville, MA (USA)

to be accessed online
with almost all events
available for
public viewing

now extended to stream from
October 5-11, 2020

(donations appreciated)

"I hope you take the time to appreciate
the talent, the effort, and the
community spirit that has brought
you to HONK! virtually.
So to HONK!, I just can't wait to see
what you have in store for us this year.
Thank you, because we've
never needed you more!"
(Mayor Joe Curtatone,
Somerville, MA, USA)

Due to an overwhelming response from prospective participants, HONK!United,
a virtual worldwide rally for activist street bands, has found it necessary
to extend HONK!United's schedule to now cover 7 days, rather than the
original 2. So many bands, organizations, and individuals -- all part of the
extensive HONK! community -- are very eager to be involved during the
October 5-11 time-frame. For timely updates, visit the official HONK!United
website:  <http://honkunited.org/> honkunited.org.

As of this writing, the current participation number includes 76 bands (many
USA-based, plus groups from Moscow, Antarctica, Rome, Uganda, Perth, Rio,
Berlin, etc.), 10 submissions from various HONK! Festivals (their on-site
locations include London, Seattle, Ontario, Austin, NYC, etc.), and 2 large
regional proposals (as in, the state of Colorado and the city of New

So, what is HONK!United exactly? It is this year's necessary online
solution, in order to sustain and move forward a now 15-year worldwide
movement, one that was first established as the HONK! Festival of activist
street bands in Somerville, MA (USA) in 2006.

That first year in Somerville started out as a modest on-site gathering,
consisting of 12 unplugged outdoor street bands, mostly local. It was
thought of as being more of a home-spun rally, organized by like-minded
raucous musical spirits, who all were (and still are) bound and determined
to actively make the world a better and more peaceful place, by playing
music in the streets to affect social change.

>From those humble HONK! beginings, a huge ripple effect was launched, with
similar on-site HONK!s taking hold in many worldwide spots. The HONK!
camaraderie is contagious and the networking is vast and vibrant. So much
so, that in 2019, over 20 annual on-site HONK! festivals took place, in
locations spread over 4 continents. And last year, those humble Somerville
HONK! organizers hosted their 14th annual festival, with 25 plus bands,
hailing from as near as Somerville, and as far flung as Berlin, Belo
Horizonte (BR), Chicago, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Madison (Wis.).

Fast forward to 2020, to the 6th annual HONK! Oz, held on-site in
Wollongong, Australia, who were fortunate enough to hold their annual
gathering in mid-January. And then? Crickets for the rest of this year? Not
a chance, because when it comes to the now vast network of HONK! affiliates,
all eager to still gather and share their united musical energies,
particularly in this year of years, any method used to convene is just fine.

And ironically enough, those HONK! bands who have never been in a position
to physically travel to an organized on-site HONK! Festival can now attend
one, and enjoy the very satisfying exchange of music, stories, and
solutions, that come about during every HONK!

The HONK!United organizers, based in Somerville, MA (USA), have developed
and expanded the upcoming online HONK! experience, that not only can
accommodate a large number of musical participants, either pre-recorded or
streamed live, but will also allow for participation in a variety of online
HONK! workshops (most of which will be open to the public).

HONK!United's statement of purpose can be found specifically at
<http://honkunited.org/about/> honkunited.org/about/. It ends with:
"Together we are HONK!United." Indeed.

Basic information to refer to:
October 5-11, 2020
Virtual worldwide festival of activist street bands.
The public is welcome to attend.
Free (donations appreciated).
For further information and continuous updates:
 <http://honkunited.org/> honkunited.org.
HONK!United is organized by the HONK! Festival, based in Somerville MA
 <mailto:honkunited at honkfest.org> honkunited at honkfest.org, 617-383-HONK


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