[act-ma] 1/20 Inaugurating an Agenda for Working People

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Mon Jan 4 20:03:31 PST 2021

*Inaugurating an Agenda for Working People—*

*Wednesday, January 20, Boston Common*

*Parkman Bandstand, 4 PM speeches 5:30 March*

The coronavirus has taken a devastating toll on so many of us who have 
done so much to keep this country running. While we have been dying, 
Wall Street was bailed out with tax cuts and big fat stimulus checks, to 
the tune of a potential 6 trillion dollars, and we were thrown under the 
bus. In this context, people voted in record numbers against the 
political virus—Donald Trump. However, the defeat of Teflon Don does not 
represent a mandate for the incoming Biden/Harris regime. The war on the 
poor will continue and so will the colossal death toll. Enough! No 
honeymoon for Biden! Isn’t it about time that we take matters into our 
own hands?

Join us in the afternoon on January 20 to inaugurate an agenda for 
working people. An agenda that bails out working people, the oppressed, 
and youth— not the wealthy elites. An agenda that provides free 
healthcare for all and recognizes the undocumented as Americans. That 
compensates all those working outside their homes and demands full 
justice for those murdered and brutalized by the police. An agenda that 
provides jobs for all and an end to the wars and garrison state. That 
fights environmental destruction and greenhouse gas emissions. That 
demands equal rights and an end to the attacks against all oppressed 
layers. Where education is free and we are no longer enslaved by 
student, medical, and credit card debt. Join us on January 20, we can 
make a difference! For more info: *facebook.com/events/395129694932368 
or call 617-230-9382*

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