[act-ma] 2/09 People's Trial of Donald Trump and His Henchmen - Tuesday @ 4 PM at South Station

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sun Feb 7 18:50:40 PST 2021


*Contact: Boston May Day Coalition (617) 230-9382 *

*Refuse Fascism New England (781) 420-0046*

*When: Tuesday, February 9, 4:00 pm
What*: *Press Conference, followed by a People’s Trial and Rally
Where: South Station*

*The People’s Trial of Donald Trump and His Henchmen**
****Black Lives Matter      Fight White Nationalism*

*Convict Trump!*

*In The Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist Future!*

Trump must be repudiated. And, he must be punished for orchestrating the 
attempted coup that brought thousands of his rabid followers to DC on 
January 6 and unleashed them to storm the Capitol. He has demonstrated 
in action that he seeks an autocratic government headed by himself and 
is willing to use force and violence against his political opponents, 
including representatives of the Congress. He is determined to continue 
to build a fascist movement in the streets to attack working people, the 
Black Lives Matter movement, and anyone who opposes their fascist agenda.

For months before the election, Trump refused to commit to accept the 
election results. And after he lost, he proceeded to spread unhinged 
lies about voter fraud. His regime attempted to throw out millions of 
votes, many from Black voters in swing states. He demonstrated his 
refusal to accept a peaceful transfer of power by mobilizing his fascist 
base to carry out a coup.

Normally, any unsuccessful coup leader would either be in jail or forced 
to flee the country. Trump must be convicted by the Senate Impeachment 
Trial and his agenda repudiated. This would be a victory for all of 
humanity and a real setback to the fascist movement he still leads.

Therefore, we are holding The People’s Trial to expose the Attempted 
Coup and the crimes of Trump and his Henchman.

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