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May Movie Nights continues on CommunityBridge.com

Social revolution, a 3-night series of documentaries - Please pass this
invite on to your friends and networks.

CommunityBridge.com will be screening a series of documentaries on the
Russian revolution on Sundays in May, 2021 at 7pm ET. The documentaries
from various sources are combined in the 3 sessions, about 2 hours each.

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The movie starts at 7pm ET Sunday night.

We have had some great discussions following the movies we've shown
before, and invite you to join this next one after the movie at 9pm ET.

May 16th - Social revolution II: dreams and reality
Featuring the "Russian revolution: Tsar to Lenin" film assembled from
the historic footage and the third (final) episode of the "Last of the
Czars" documentary.

Russian culture is a mix of eastern and western traditions. On one hand,
most ethnic Russians 120 years ago were practicing Christians. But they
also worshiped the emperor, much like people in traditional eastern
societies. That adoration came at a price: the tsars were trusted when
they were lucky. Luck was seen by the subjects as a mandate of heaven.

Nicholas II was anything but lucky. His reign was troubled from the
first day. Protracted war took its toll in both lives and economic
hardship. Photography, cinema, and newspapers made people see their
ruler as a real man rather than mythical figure, and a man very
disconnected from their lives. The whole Rasputin affair desecrated the
tsar's family. That story is shown in the episodes of the movie we
watched last weekend. You can find them at:


Besides that, tsar's family was related to the main enemy - German
kaiser. Rumors of treason by the tsarina spread so widely that even
lawmakers in Duma talked about that in their speeches. Politicians and
generals no longer followed tsar's orders. The power had slipped away
from Nicholas, and his only choice was to abdicate. To lots of people,
that was good news. Troops, officers, even the grand dukes, tsar's close
relatives, went out with red bows in support of the revolution.

But there was no other government to run the country in the middle of
the war. Political and military leaders formed multiple factions that
could agree on almost nothing. They were forming provisional governments
that competed for power, and were unable to tackle the crisis. Attempts
at a military coup that would establish a dictatorship to lead the
country through the war have failed. And the enemy was sending its
agents to add heat to this boiling pot. Still, the democratic government
managed to hold general elections that would result in a new legislature
assembling in early 2018 to start working out new political system. The
situation unraveled fast, and the democracy was slow. The films we'll
watch tonight have captured these events.

The first movie we'll see is compiled from the documentary footage of
the time. It is narrated by Max Eastman, an American socialist. He is
rather emotional and sympathizes with the revolutionaries, which
balances the monarchst stance of our prior night's film. The video
quality is low, but the clips capture an authentic trace of events,
arranged in chronological order. The movie is 1 hour 3 minutes long.

Then we'll see the final episode of the "Last of the Czars" trilogy. It
is 50 minutes long and documents the fate of tsar's family, including
the finding and identification of their bodies in the 1990s.

If you cannot join us, you can watch these documentaries at

  - Russian revolution: Tsar to Lenin:
  - Last of the Czars - 03 - Death of the Dynasty, 1996:

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