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Event Announcements
bulletMake it very clear that you are posting an event.  A moderator has to review your announcement and unless it is clear at it is an event it is subject to being rejected.
bulletInclude phone number or contact email address so subscribers can contact you with any questions about you event
bulletConsider posting directions to the event (by public transport/by road)
bulletNo more than one posting per week for each event.
bulletIf available, add handicap access information.
bulletNote childcare if available
bulletNote if translation into other languages is available at the event.
bulletEvents outside the Greater Boston Area will only be included if there is local organizing to get people to events.  This should include local organizing meetings, contacts, ride sharing information and subsidies.
Action Alerts
bulletLimit alerts to items of relevance to act-ma subscribers (topic concerns the area, targets are MA officials, politicians, etc.)
bulletKeep the length to less than four screens of information
bulletDo not forward e-mail petitions to the list
bulletAnnouncements about local alternative media that implement an open access policy.
bulletIdentify useful area resources: e.g. office furniture for non-profits, new area website
bulletDo not post commercial messages: e.g. "widgets, barely used, for sale, going cheap"
Job Announcement/Volunteers
bulletPost only for positions with organizations; individuals seeking help should not send e-mails
bulletIdentify deadlines and contact information clearly
bulletWe encourage multi-lingual postings; however the subject lines must be in English
bulletIf you forward a message to the list, you assume responsibility for the posting
bulletModerators may change the subject line to clarify e-mail contents
bulletDo not include attachments
bulletIf possible, send your message as plain text (do not use HTML or RTF).  Attachments get stripped off the archived version, so people go to the website will not see them.