[act-ma] Friday 7/20: Report from US Social Forum

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Mon Jul 16 19:18:35 PDT 2007

The Militant Labor Forum Presents:
  How to Fight For “Another World”  Report from the
First US Social Forum in Atlanta 

 Friday, July 20, 7:30 pm  The Militant Labor Forum
Hall 13 Bennington Street, 2nd Floor, East Boston 
  Thousands of people gathered in Atlanta for the U.S.
Social Forum, held under the slogan, “Another world is
possible; another U.S. is necessary.” As delegates
debated what such a world should look like, and how to
get there, some of the questions that arose were:
  ¨      Why are class exploitation, police brutality,
imperialist war, environmental destruction, and racist
oppression endemic to capitalism?
  ¨      How can workers and their allies around the
world effectively fight against imperialism’s
brutality – from the millions in the semicolonial
world who die unnecessarily from starvation each year
to Washington’s “global war on terror?”
  ¨      What do the massive May Day actions the past
two years demanding legalization for undocumented
immigrants indicate about the emergence of a new
working class vanguard in this country?
  ¨      How does this fight relate to recent efforts
to organize and strengthen the unions?
  ¨      What is the relevance today of the
revolutionary economic and social transformation that
Cuba’s workers and farmers wrought close to fifty
years ago?
  Come discuss the significance of this gathering for
working people and other fighters for social change
and the developing changes in US politics reflected
there at this week’s Militant Labor Forum.
  Speaker: Betsy Farley  SWP candidate for Boston City
Council, District 1
  Suggested Donation $5.  Translation into Spanish. 
For more information call 617-569-9169or e-mail
bostonmlf at yahoo.com. 
  T Blue line to Maverick Station. Bus or walk 5
blocks down Meridian To Bennington at Liberty Plaza
Visit themilitant.com and pathfinderpress.com websites
for news, analysis, books, and pamphlets.

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