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The Militant Labor
Forum Presents: 

Thomas Sankara: 
Legacy of a Revolutionary

    Discussion of newly published book of
Sankara’s speeches and video showing about Sankara


Thomas Sankara led the revolution
that took place in the West African country Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.
October 2007 marked the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Thomas Sankara,
who was described by some as Africa’s Che. 

Under Sankara's leadership, working
people established a popular revolutionary government, which started to fight
the hunger, illiteracy and economic devastation imposed by imperialist
domination. In the collection of speeches and interviews in the newly published
version of Thomas Sankara Speaks, Sankara explains how during
those years the peasants and workers of Burkina Faso: 

     a popular revolutionary government;started
     to fight the hunger, illiteracy, and economic backwardness imposed by
     imperialist domination;and
     began to combat the oppression of women inherited from thousands of years
     of class society.

   Their actions set an example not only for the
workers and peasants of Africa but for those of the whole world, then and

   Sankara was assassinated October 15, 1987, in a coup
carried out by the country’s current president, Blaise Compaoré.



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