[act-ma] Now - 3/12 Help Winter Soldiers Bring Peace! Host Your Friends...

Suren Moodliar suren at fairjobs.org
Sat Feb 16 16:41:44 PST 2008

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is organizing the "Winter
Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan" hearings in Washington, D.C. this March
13 - 16. Scores of veterans will testify to their actual experiences
of the war and the tragedies they witnessed.

Their voices will be live and unfiltered.

IVAW needs all our support to make this event happen. Around the
country, amidst all their other activities, the peace movement is
organizing house parties and fundraisers to assist IVAW in bringing
vets to D.C.

Boston-area organizing has raised thousands of dollars and is building
up toward public events on March 14 & 15.

Much more needs to be done.

Here's how you help in the Boston area:

(1) Host a house party or fundraiser with your friends, church, club
or community.

There are plenty of video resources, event planning guides and flyer
templates and possibly, performers to help you with your work. It is
also possible that a veteran might be able to join you at your event
and provide background information about the Winter Soldier hearings
and also first-hand testimony about the realities of the war.

For more information and assistance in getting your event off the
ground, call Paul Shannon at the American Friends Service Committee -
617-661-6130 or send him an e-mail to pshannon at afsc.org [include
"Winter Soldier" in the subject line].

(2) Screen the Winter Soldier testimonies for your community, at home,
in the dorm, in your churches, during Friday, March 14 or Saturday,
March 15, 2008. Also, contact your local cable access station and ask
them to carry the testimony live for several hours.


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