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Mon Jul 21 12:37:56 PDT 2008

The Social Justice Education Institute (SJEI) is a 3-day professional development seminar for educators and youth workers. It is being run by The City School, a nonprofit organization in Dorchester that develops and strengthens the power of youth to work toward building a just society. We do this through creative education and critical thinking, leadership development, action and service, and promoting understanding and relationships across difference.

The City School's model of experiential learning is effective and powerful for youth, and this same model is equally impactful for adults. With over twelve years of experience, The City School is now engaging educators, as well as our youth, to reflect on and transform their own lives and practices in working toward social justice. SJEI is the culmination of over twelve years of building a powerful learning community where young people are engaged in experiential education. 

SJEI's three-day series of workshops offers participants the opportunity to learn and experience The City School's pedagogy and model first hand. Just as we do in our work with young people, we challenge educators and youth workers to take ownership of their own education and lives, asking themselves and each other questions such as: How does oppression impact my work with young people? How do we build a powerful, loving community where everyone teaches and learns? What is my vision for collective learning, action, and change?

In school systems where educators are being pressured unrelentingly to create curricula that teach to standardized tests, SJEI offers an alternative path: developing strong social justice-based lessons that promote youth agency, voice and leadership. Participants work together to build transformative learning communities, and learn strategies to inspire the young people they work with to take ownership of their education and become leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The Social Justice Education Institute is open to all community or school-based educators and youth workers who want to work to build transformative learning communities for young people. The cost is $225 per person, and limited scholarships are available. Boston Public School teachers will earn Professional Development Points for participating in SJEI. The dates of SJEI are:

Thursday, August 21 from 3 pm-7 pm
Friday, August 22 from 9 am-5 pm 
Saturday, August 23 from 11 am-4 pm

It is being held at Schrafft's, located in Sullivan Square in Charleston.

If you have any questions about SJEI or would like to request a registration form, please contact Alison Gross at alison at thecityschool.org, call (617) 822-3075, or go to our website, www.thecityschool.org
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