[act-ma] Chuck Turner Press Release (11/23) and Events (11/24)

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Stand With Chuck

1) Monday Actions (11/24)
2) Call-In for Chuck
3) Press Release from Chuck Turner (11/23)
4) Letter to Council President Feeney

Monday, November 24 Events

8am - 106.1 Touch FM Interview (http://www.touchfm.org for live stream)
2:30pm - Press Conference @ City Hall Steps
3pm - Emergency Council Meeting on Chuck Turner @ 5th Floor City Hall

Stand With Chuck: Call-In Monday

Council President Feeney has called an emergency meeting to decide
negative actions against Turner at 3pm on Monday. Call your local and
at-large councilors and demand that they halt any negative action
against Chuck, until a legal decision is made.  Only the courts, or
the voters in his district should have the power to remove him from
his duties.  Ensure that the 3pm meeting is open to the public and
that any Council decisions are accountable to his District 7

Call the Boston City Hall operator to be connected to any Councilors:
(617) 635-4000

Find out who your Councilors are at http://www.cityofboston.gov/myneighborhood/

Boston at-large City Councilors are:

Michael Flaherty (michael.f.flaherty at cityofboston.gov) (617.635.4205)
Stephen J. Murphy (stephen.murphy at cityofboston.gov) (617.635.4376)
John Connolly (john.r.connolly at cityofboston.gov) (617.635.3115)
Sam Yoon (sam.yoon at cityofboston.gov) (617.635.4203)

Thank you for calling to support Chuck.

To add or remove emails from this list, please email
SupportChuckTurner at gmail.com

http://supportchuckturner.com (coming soon)

For Immediate Release

November 23, 2008

City Hall Office: (617) 635 3510
District Office: (617) 427-8100

City Councilor Chuck Turner released today the following statement:

While I intensely dislike and think that it is highly unfair to decide
a person's guilt or innocence through the media, it is clear that once
you become the target of a media witch hunt, you either fight back by
presenting the essence of your legal defense or allow the media wolves
to destroy your reputation so that the jury's decision becomes
irrelevant to public perception.

Since my reputation for integrity has been the foundation of my
fort-five year history as an activist and organizer and since I intend
to continue my fight for justice until the day that I die, I find
myself confronted by the daunting task of using the media coverage to
present my case to the public.  This will not be easy, but I have no
other alternative.

I have spent my entire life since graduating from Harvard College in
1963 fighting against the injustices faced by my racial community and
my human community.  I refuse to allow the political desires of the
U.S. Attorney's Office to destroy my reputation.

My defense begins today with the release to my community and the press
of a copy of my response to Council President Feeney's call for a
special Council meeting this Monday, November 24, 2008 at 3p.m. to
decide my fate as a Councilor.  I don't believe that the Council has a
moral or ethical right to do that.  My service as a Councilor should
only be interrupted by a decision from my constituents or by a verdict
from a jury of my peers.

At 8 a.m. on Monday, November 24th, I will be on my community's radio
station, Touch 106.1 F.M.. At 2:30p.m. on Monday, I will hold a press
conference on the City Hall steps.  At 3p.m. I will attend the special
City Council meeting that Council President Feeney has called to have
the Council decide my fate.  I have requested as is my right under
law, that this hearing be public so that the media and public can hear
the Counsel's discussions in order to be able to decide whether
whatever actions the Council chooses to take are appropriate.

Letter to Council President Feeney, from Councilor Chuck Turner

November 23, 3008

Dear Council President Feeney,

I am very troubled by the news report that you have removed me from my
committees and chairpersonships.  I am also troubled by the fact that
you have called a special Council meeting on Monday at 3 p.m. to
apparently discuss whether to take action against me based on my

I would urge you to cancel the meeting and allow the judicial process
to judge my guilt or innocence.  Not only would a meeting at this
point be premature, unjust, and unfair, but also, it would create a
situation in which I will not be able to defend myself since
discussing specific aspects of my case would cause me to be in
violation of the conditions imposed by the Court.

While I believe I have a right to a jury trial before any Council
action, if you choose to forward with the special Council meeting, I
am requesting that it be an open meeting as is my right.  I sincerely
believe that if the Council is going to put me on trial that it should
not take place behind closed doors.


Chuck Turner


For more information call Lorraine Fowlkes (617) 635-3510 (main
office) or Angela Yarde (617) 427-8100 (district office)

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