[act-ma] Sat 10/17 MIT: How to recycle 100% of urban and rural garbage, while providing employment and generating revenue?

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How to recycle *100% *of urban and rural garbage, while providing
employment and generating revenue?

*'Garbage to Gold' - A talk on ‘Zero Waste Management’ and environmental

When: October 17th , 2:00 PM.
Where: MIT Room. 3-133.

During this visit, AID Saathi (Fellow) Srinivasan will share with us his
work that combines environmentalism and social development with
sustainability. He will discuss how, "the top three most easily
available resources in India - namely sunlight, man power and solid
waste can be used properly to bring crores of Rupees in direct and
indirect savings which we are losing every second. Environmentally
friendly and user friendly practices should be converted into jobs,
through which India can progress to the next stage of development -- one
that is truly sustainable". He will also share with us the progress of
his ambitious effort of reforesting the Vellore Hills.

More details on the topics he will cover:

1. _Zero Waste Management_: Vellore Srinivasan has implemented a
sustainable model of zero waste management in the district of Vellore.
He will give an introductory talk about the concept and its
implementation. Recently UNICEF has made a documentary on his work which
is available at http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5669832/14862779

2. _Working with the Government on waste management_: Srinivasan's
models in waste management have been applied throughout Vellore District
and is being adopted widely by government agencies in Tamil Nadu, and
Karnataka, and also in the states of Gujarat and Tripura. Srinivasan
will be updating us about his growing engagement with the government.

3. _Vellore hill restoration project_: Vellore is surrounded by several
hills which have undergone severe environmental degradation in the past
couples of decades. In association with Department of Forestry and with
financial support from AID, Srinivasan has come up with an ambitious
program of greening the hills, restoring the biodiversity, soil
conservation and livelihood generation through ecotourism.

Read more about Srinivasan at
Details about Srinivasan's waste management work can be found at

About AID:
Association for India's Development (AID) is a volunteer organization
which promotes equitable, just and
sustainable development in India. You can know more about our work at
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