[act-ma] 10/14 Petition for Ranked Choice Voting (Wed)

Matthew Andrews peopleunite at verizon.net
Tue Oct 13 08:55:38 PDT 2009

Petitioning will be Wednesday, Oct 14 from 1:00 - 4:00pm outside the  
State House, General Hooker entrance.

Ranked Choice voting would allow voters to vote their hopes, not their  
fears.  By allowing voters to rank their choices, it would eliminate  
the possibility of two or more candidates splitting the vote and  
electing another candidate with less than 50% support.  In short, this  
reform would be a major step forward for democracy, political  
accountability, and allowing more voices into the debate.  But to get  
there we first need to collect 100,000 raw signatures by November  
18th!  Once the question is on the ballot, we'll have until November  
2010 to convince voters about the value of this reform.

Our tiny staff at Citizens for Voter Choice is working long hours  
every day to recruit volunteers that can help us collect signatures.   
With a little more than five weeks to go, your help is urgently  
needed!  Please contact us so we can match you up with a team of  
volunteers in your neighborhood who are collecting signatures at  
shopping malls, grocery stores, and special events across  
Massachusetts.  If you're shy about approaching strangers to sign, our  
organizers can help you develop the confidence to be a superb  

We'll be collecting signatures tomorrow (Wednesday) from 1:00pm to  
about 4:00pm outside the State House (http://www.sec.state.ma.us/trs/trsdir/diridx.htm 
). We will be at the General Hooker entrance, which is to the right of  
the big steps and gate. Lots of civic minded people are walking in and  
out during the day, so this is a great place to collect signatures and  
practice talking about voter choice. I'll be there with extra  
materials to help out.  We want to build the State House into a  
regular petitioning site.

Then after dinner we will walk to our office for our evening phone  
bank at Encuentro Cinco (33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor, Chinatown) from  
5:00 to 9:00pm. We can give you a list of people from your  
neighborhood to call through and help you build your own team!  Check  
out the upcoming events calendar on our website. www.voterchoiceMA.org  
for house parties, phone banks, and many great petitioning  

Please call me to confirm if you can come. Thanks!

~Matthew Andrews
  matt at voterchoiceMA.org
  617-633-1857 (c)

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