[act-ma] On May 1st, let's Fight to Win!

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Join the "Fight to Win" contingent on the May 1st march for Immigrant
and Worker Rights in Everett, Chelsea and East Boston.

Together we will march to fight for worker and immigrant justice.

The global economic crisis has rolled over us bringing with it
lay-offs and foreclosures. The banks got bailed out with our money,
but we didn't benefit. The working class faces even more foreclosures
and job losses. Immigrant workers face especial attack such as the law
recently passed in Arizona directly targeting immigrants.

The only response to such attacks is to fight back! From the movement
for the 8 hour work day to current struggles to stop deportations and
keep tenants in their homes, May 1st has been about the struggle. Only
when we support each other can we survive. Only when we come together
and fight back can we create a new world based on justice and

So on May 1st, let's march together  to promote our struggles,
in solidarity with workers and immigrants all over the world.
The march starts 12 noon at Everett City Hall, goes through
Chelsea and ends with a concert in East Boston.


for more information contact:  Diana (deezo at gmx.de) or McKay
(mckay at impresta.net)


*we are people. we are workers.
March, rally & celebration
for Immigrant and Worker Rights
International Workers’ Day
Saturday, May 1st
*12pm Everett City Hall to
1pm Chelsea City Hall to
2pm Lopresti Park, East Boston
May 1st Coalition - Chelsea, East Boston, Everett*

Please visit the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/May-1st-
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