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Hurricane be

This thing is happening. 

So come on down tonight, Friday,
September 3, at 9:00pm to Spontaneous
Celebrations in Jamaica Plain for the HIGH
5 FEST! 

This fundraiser is important because schools are having their budgets slashed
to fund the race to the bottom priorities that value big bankers and endless
war more than the education of our youth. Inner city youth are prey to
misogynist gang culture, violence, and bad drugs. Spontaneous Celebrations
provides an alternative through it's youth arts and culture programs - and on a
grassroots level. Come support Spontaneous Celebrations, dance, imbibe, and
mingle. Progressive organizations are invited to table as well. 

And if good bands, drinks, and friends new and old wasn't enough to convince
you - here is an astrological forecast
for the evening courtesy of resident astrologer Joel Ockenheim: 

"Friday's concert synchronizes with some unusual and
interesting events in the celestial sphere. The Moon, in its own sign
Cancer, separating from a conjunction to the South Node, is closely approaching
a major third, or sixty-deree aspect, with the conjuntion of Mercury
"combust" the Sun. Mercury, the principle of abstract thinking, and
the Sun, the vital center of life, need to, most often do, have some space
between them, but when they are within a degree of each other, and getting
closer, Mercury is said to be overwhelmed by the "combustion" of
such proximity to the Solar fire. And yet in the present instance the Moon,
which "rules" the brain (not the mind) is forming a tight major
third, the harmony of love, with both bodies. This suggests that this concert
will mix the energies of those who know one another well (Moon-South Node) with
the vital emotions of life (Moon major third to Sun-Mercury) in ways that will
notably, and frequently, surpass the comprehending,
understanding considerations of ordinary experience (Mercury combust Sun).
It should be a pipperoo."

Here are the vitals: 

This Friday there will be a dinner/concert fundraiser for
Spontaneous Celebrations – a truly grassroots community center in Jamaica
Plain, Boston, that for over 30 years has been providing diverse arts programs
for city youth, a home for Food not Bombs & various arts/performance
groups, as well as an organizing space for anti-war, LGBT, immigrant &
solidarity groups. Spontaneous Celebrations also organizes some of the best
community arts festivals in the country - the epic and legendary Wake Up the
Earth Festival and the magical JP Pond Lantern Parade every
year in Jamaica Plain. Become a

Please come join us for:


Five - First Friday Festival Fool Fundraiser

September 3

Dinner      7:00pm, 25$, kids 12 & under FREE

8:30pm, 10$, 21+ 



45 Danforth Street 

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130




Local and Touring Bands: 

Awakening (JP)                                   

All of the
Animals (Allston)

Christopher Dale Trio (San Diego)     www.christopherdalemusic.com


With your


Soupa Group Collective: 

The Grass
Gypsys (Rozi)      www.thegrassgypsys.com

Scandurra (Allston)    www.myspace.com/changethroughmusic

Silvia (RI)

O’Connell (JP)





The mission of Spontaneous Celebrations is to create and sustain a community
cultural life that unites and empowers people for positive change through the
arts; to produce seasonal celebrations in the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury
neighborhoods; and to maintain a Community Cultural center for all.



The origins of the organization date from the first Wake Up the Earth Festival
in 1979. This festival was, in part, a celebration of the defeat of the
proposed I-95 extension through many Boston neighborhoods. Further
collaboration by some of the artists, activists, and residents who had worked
on this issue in Jamaica plain/Roxbury contributed to the creation of new
community gardens and parks on some of the land left vacant by the destruction
of houses for the planned highway. The festival has taken place every year
since, on the first Saturday in May.

In October we sponsor the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade, a beautiful encircling
of the Pond by people of all ages carrying handmade, candle-lit lanterns. At a
time when the season is darkening, the community turns out to spread light and
express hope.



Our philosophy is based on: 

     strength, enjoyment, and learning that comes from discovering and
     interacting with the many cultural and ethnic traditions that exist
     side-by-side in our neighborhoods. The
     timeless agrarian, environmental, and economic traditions of May Day and
     many other folk festivals. The
     belief that involving as many different groups as possible in the creation
     of our community center and festivals is an effective way to eradicate
     racism and increase communication, trust, and a shared sense of belonging.

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