[act-ma] WHAT FUTURE FOR OUR YOUTH?: Oct. 29, Cornel West and Carl Dix Dialogue PART 2

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Below from Raymond Lotta.  If you will be in NYC Oct 29, don't miss this event. 
 Even if you will not, please consider chipping in what you can to 
keep Revolution Books NYC afloat - it's one of the few outlets where radical 
ideas are disseminated to the public, where organizing takes place, etc.

Maggie Z.

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Dear friends and colleagues,
I strongly encourage you to attend this very important and timely exchange 
between Cornel West and Carl Dix.
In the Age of Obama PART II
Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education:
Friday, October 29, 7:00pm
Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall,
150 Convent Ave @ 135th. #1 to 137th
Check out two new videos on event at http://revolutionbooksnyc.org/
Tickets:$20. $10 for students with ID (very few of these left).
Premium Tickets $100 - includes special seating and DVD of the first Cornel 
West/Carl Dix Dialogue on Obama at Harlem Stage on July 14, 2009).
$250 - includes all the above, plus a 1-year membership in Friends of Revolution 
Books (10% off books, a gift, free admission to most events)

Best to buy your tickets early. Last year's program with Cornel West and Carl 
Dix was sold out. Click here for ticket information, or call 212-691-3345

Proceeds from this event will benefit Revolution Books in NYC and the Prisoners 
Revolutionary Literature Fund which provides subsidized subscriptions to 
Revolution newspaper and other revolutionary literature to prisoners.

CORNEL WESTis one of America's most provocative public intellectuals and has 
been a champion for racial justice since childhood. His writing, speaking, and 
teaching weave together the traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive 
politics, and jazz. The New York Times has praised his “ferocious moral vision.” 
Dr. West currently teaches at Princeton University.

CARL DIX is a longtime revolutionary and a founding member of the Revolutionary 
Communist Party, USA. In 1970, Carl was one of the Fort Lewis 6, six GIs who 
refused orders to go to Vietnam. He served 2 years in Leavenworth Military 
Penitentiary for this stand. In 1985, Carl initiated the “Draw The Line” 
statement, a powerful condemnation of the bombing of the MOVE house in 
Philadelphia. In 1996, Carl was a co-founder of the October 22nd Coalition to 
Stop Police Brutality. Carl coordinated the Katrina hearings of the 2006 Bush 
Crimes Commission.
Revolution Books: 146 W. 26th St., NYC, NY
212-691-3345 * www.revolutionbooksnyc.org

I want to personally invite you to come out, and to buy a $100 premium ticket 
for the event. Be part of making the night a great success -- having big 
societal impact and raising substantial funds so that Revolution Books can not 
only continue, but become even more widely known.

“What Future for Our Youth?”The title of Cornel and Carl’s dialogue brings to 
the surface one of the most egregious outrages of US society today. Nothing 
remotely close to a real answer is on the table in the mid-term elections or in 
mainstream media discourse. Stopped and frisked continually, massively 
incarcerated, no jobs, living in fear of the police, or compelled into killing 
for the US empire in the military--a system that offers no future to its youth, 
should itself have no future. This is just one part of what fuels the defiant 
spirit at Revolution Books to impact society and provide the place where people 
can engage the books and ideas about a radically new way society could be. A 
bookstore at the center of a movement for revolution.

Revolution Books is in the midst of a fund drive that must succeed–$70,000 is 
needed by 1/31/2011, while at the same time the bookstore's Sustainer base of 
Friends of Revolution Books must grow to 250 people, and sales must double, so 
that the store can break even each month. The recession, past debt, and changes 
in the book world make this fund drive essential.

We must not lose this store. That requires many people stepping out as Cornel 
West is doing on October 29.

Our goal is to sell 60 premium tickets at $100*, and 40 premium tickets at 
$250**. (Regular tickets are $20, students $10). If we succeed in all this, the 
bookstore can raise $20,000 in one night-- one-third off the 2010 Fund Drive 

I look forward to seeing you on October 29 at Harlem Stage.

To watch two great trailers for event go to: http://revolutionbooksnyc.org/
*$100 premium tickets include prime seating, after-party, DVD of 2009 dialogue 
with Cornel and Carl on Obama
**$250 premium tickets include all that + membership in Friends of Revolution 
Books—10% of books, free admission to most store events, and a gift

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