[act-ma] Sat 2pm Copley Sq: Rally to Free Libya, Honor the Slain Al Jazeera Cameraman Ali Hassan Al-Jaber

Brian K bdubkwob at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 20:39:05 PDT 2011

Hey folks sorry for the short notice again.

There is a rally tomorrow at 2pm in Copley to Free Libya! and to honor
the slain
Al-Jazeera journalist<http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/12/al-jazeera-cameraman-ali-hassan-al-jaber-killed-libya_n_834947.html>,
Ali Hassan Al-Jaber.

Incidentally, many Libyans are supporting the idea of a 'no fly zone' so I
hope that some of you can come and help make the case against Western
military intervention. It is obviously a BURNING question for the movement
here and in Benghazi, because the UN Security Council has just
authorize "all necessary means" for a Western military intervention.

This is unfortunate for on simple reason: the imperial powers who
co-sponsored the resolution (France, Britain, and the US) are FAR FAR FAR
more murderous and criminal than Qaddafi could ever hope to be. The US and
Britain have killed hundreds of THOUSANDS of Iraqis for their own (oil)
interests. The US and Britain have killed tens of THOUSANDS in Afghanistan
for their own interests. CIA drone strikes killed over 900 people in
Pakistan last year alone.
While Obama cries crocodile tears for Qaddafi's victims, the US has quietly
supported the repression of rebellion in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine,
and Saudi Arabia, among other places. Put simply: The Western imperial
powers don't give a F*&$ about "human rights" or civilian casualties.
Certainly not in Libya. They only want to control the OIL.
Thus, we must OPPOSE all US military intervention in Libya, as in Iraq,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the rest of the region.

Here's the Facebook event page:

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