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UJP Afghanistan/Pakistan: Afghanistan War Weekly - July 25, 2011


This week, there were several reports of corruption and mismanagement of
government funds, including the discovery that the Taliban was indirectly
receiving US funds intended for transportation contracts. There were also
conflicting reports regarding the death of Mullah Omar, who the Taliban also
said was alive. As the drawdown took effect, violence continued in both
Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

Afghanistan News & Opinion

Taliban spokesman disputes claim that leader Mullah Omar is dead

There have been conflicting reports from various Taliban sources about whether
Mullah Omar is dead or alive. Members of the media received text messages
claiming that Mullah Omar is dead, but a Taliban spokesman told the media that
Mullah Omar is still alive and that the text messages were the result of

In southern Afghanistan, a modest transition

Even though foreign troops in Lashkar Gah have officially turned over security
operations to Afghan forces, their presence in the region is still evident.

At least 1,560 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001

Since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, at least 1,560 US troops have
been killed and 12,593 have been wounded, according to the Associated Press.

NATO operation kills 50 militants in Afghanistan

An Afghan and foreign-led operation against the Haqqani network, lasting 48
hours, killed over 50 militants in Paktika province.

AFGHANISTAN: Urgent need to tackle human trafficking

Women and children in Afghanistan are often vulnerable to human trafficking,
leading to forced labor, prostitution, the drug trade, and other illegal

Pakistan News

At least 27 militants 'killed' in NW Pakistan

In northwest Pakistan, gunfights have killed 27 militants and 4 tribesmen. 

Supply to Afghanistan through Pakistan reduced to 35 per cent

The US has reduced its reliance on Pakistani supply routes to Afghanistan
because of increased attacks on NATO suppliers in the area.

Drawdown Updates

New US Ambassador: No Rush For Exit From Afghanistan

Even as other countries begin withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan, the new
US ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, has said that the US will take its
time leaving Afghanistan, but also mentioned that that US has no interest in
establishing permanent bases there.

NATO Drawdown in Afghanistan Poses Challenges for Afghan Military

NATO forces prepare to transfer security operations to Afghan troops, 
particularly in areas that have been considered relatively safe, but the threat
of insurgent attacks continues  to be a challenge.

Afghan conspiracy theories as US drawdown begins

There are many theories about the motives behind the drawdown in Afghanistan,
including the theory that the US plans to keep troops in the country
indefinitely, and the argument that there is a conspiracy to rob Afghanistan of
its enormous untapped mineral wealth, among others.

Reports of Corruption

U.S. wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq contracting

An analysis by the congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting found that
$34 billion was wasted on contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The report shows
that there are more contractors on the ground in the region than there are US
troops, among other findings.

U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes

According to a year-long military investigation, US taxpayer money has
indirectly wound up in the hands of the Taliban, via a $2.6 billion
transportation contract intended for Afghan businesses. However, the 8 trucking
firms involved continue to receive government funds, and the Pentagon has
extended the contract for another 6 months.

War on Drugs in Afghanistan Complicates War on Terror

When profits from the drug trade in Afghanistan go to the Taliban, the US and
NATO try to clamp down on the drug trade, but what happens when drug money funds
US and NATO allies?

Other News & Opinion

Petraeus, Pentagon Repeating the Mistakes of Vietnam

Petraeus and a number of top military officials are guilty of “Vietnam
revisionism,” the belief that the Vietnam war would have been winnable with
better execution and civilian resolve. This belief is being played out in
Afghanistan as well. Commentary by Stephen Glain. 

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