[act-ma] Support Verizon Workers on Strike!

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sun Aug 7 15:22:56 PDT 2011

See link at the end for a list for a picket location near you!


As you have heard, the IBEW and CWA are on strike against Verizon, 
including Verizon Wireless. The unions will picket all locations 
including the wireless stores and will be calling for a boycott.

Though they approached bargaining with the intention to reach a fair 
deal, Verizon had a different agenda. The company began bargaining by 
proposing a series of demands that would shift the cost of healthcare, 
eliminate pensions, and eliminate job security. The company has also 
made it clear that they wish to transfer more work out of the bargaining 
unit and most likely out of the country.  For good measure, Verizon has 
proposed slashing paid sick days and removing Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
and Veteran's day as paid holidays.

 As bargaining approached it's 
final hours, the company refused to have any real discussions about 
these vital issues. Instead, they stalled until the final minutes and 
simply reiterated their intention to achieve more profits on the backs 
of the workers.

 The solidarity that has been on display in recent 
weeks is truly humbling to the men and women who are in this struggle. 
Now these folks are on strike and need to ask for your continued 
support. Verizon is now ground-zero for the war on workers. We intend to 
fight with great vigor and a righteous anger against the greed that is 
crushing our middle class.  We will win, and we will stop this war on 
workers right here at Verizon. It's our time and we will Stand Up! We 
will Rise Up! And we will most certainly Act UP! We ask you to join with 

Jobs with Justice will be helping at FIOS sites, Wireless Sites and 
their Headquarters.  If you can, please stop by 185 Franklin Street in 
Boston today.  If you can join a picket line click here to get a list of 

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