[act-ma] Sunday, Sept. 18, Renowed Professor Charles Derber speaks on "Marx's Ghost", at the Ethical Society, Harvard Sq.

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Sun Aug 28 08:08:25 PDT 2011

>From John Lampert:  

On Sunday, Sept. 18, Professor Charles Derber, Professor of Sociology, Boston College will speak at the Ethical Society of Boston on his latest book -    MARX'S GHOST

Program presentation will take place at Spiegel Auditorium, 56 Brattle St., Cambridge (Harvard Sq.)
at 10:30 AM.  The program will include music, refreshments and a Q & A discussion following the presentation. 

Professor Charles Derber will present a discussion on his new book, "Marx's Ghost" (due out in September) which shows how right Marx was and where he made his mistakes, based on a conversation between Derber and the ghost in London's Highgate Cemetery (where Marx is buried).  Deber will discuss the Marxist persepective on the deep economic crisis and current politcs, as well as the rise of a vast surplus population breeding conditions of left or right wing revolution.  Real-world alternatives to captialism that can deal with the economic crisis, the climate crisis and the war system will be fleshed out.  Derber will be recognized throughout the Boston-area as a panelist in October's Boston Book Festival sponsored by the Boston Globe.  Be sure to attend our opening program where you will have an opportunity to be up close and personal with the author to discuss these important issues. 
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