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Bringing people together again to talk . . .

Fall 2011 Program Season

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November 2011


This November Cambridge Forum looks at the idea of "discovery" through a number 
of lenses.  This idea has played a significant role in Americans' understanding 
of ourselves as a people:  we see ourselves shaping a "new world,"  exploring "new
frontiers," inventing the tools needed to make a better life.

Audience discussion is an important part of each forum, so please come and join 
the dialogue about one of the central characteristics of our national identity.

Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

Harvard Book Store sponsors book signings after our forums.


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The Four Voyages


November 2 @ 7pm

Author Laurence Bergreen re-examines one of America's founding stories in his new
book Columbus:  The Four Voyages. As  Bergreen re-traces Christopher Columbus' historic
voyages in the  context of the Age of Discovery, he asks why Columbus has become
 an  American icon.

Reinventing Discovery


November 9 @ 7pm

Michael Nielsen, a pioneer of quantum computing,  discusses the need to change the
way scientific research is conducted  and the way data is handled in the modern 
scientific era.  How is  technology revolutionizing the way scientific problems 
are solved?  How  can a system traditionally based on individual discovery adapt
 to  support collaboration and teamwork?

The Ron Burns Memorial Forum on Science and Technology  is co-sponsored by Janet
 Burns and the Harvard Book Store

Mark Your Calendar . . .
Something "Wicked" This Way Comes

December 7 @ 7pm

Author Gregory Maguire has re-imagined the stories of Oz, beginning with Wicked,
 which took the viewpoint of one of the wicked witches. With the recent publication
of Out of Oz,  the fourth and final volume of the series, he looks back on his journey
 of imagination. What is the relationship between the original and the  story-teller's
retelling?  What are the satisfactions in re-imagining a  beloved tale?  What are
the pitfalls?

Susan Cooper on the Role of Fantasy in Children's Lives

Get ready for Gregory Maguire's December appearance at the Forum by revisiting Susan
Cooper's presentation "Unriddling the World."  What does fantasy give to children?
and to adults?

Forum Network Susan Cooper "Unriddling the World" [http://forum-network.org/lecture/susan-cooper-role-fantasy-childrens-lives]

Send us a question.

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 to us by e-mail and the moderator will ask it on your behalf.

Laurence Bergreen [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]
Michael Nielsen [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]

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