[act-ma] Saturday, 3/24: the Revolutionary Poetry Project

pf soto pfsoto at mynas.com
Sun Mar 11 14:59:25 PDT 2012

<http://rule19.org/download/2012-3-24-1st%20rev%20poetry.pdf>You are 
invited to join the first Revolutionary Poetry Project event
Saturday, March 24, 1 PM
Davis Square, Somerville (255 Elm St., close to the Davis Square Red 
line T station).

download flyer 
<http://rule19.org/download/2012-3-24-1st%20rev%20poetry.pdf> download 
lyrics <http://rule19.org/download/RevPoetryEventPoems.pdf>

    The eight stanzas of poetry (or "lyrics") for this project
    are online as they appear on our signs one stanza per sign at

    We are going to "rap" the poetry as lyrics, and eight of us (at a
    time) will position ourselves in a line on the sidewalk, wearing
    signboards, each one with one of the eight stanzas of poetry, blown
    up to an 18" by 24" sign, as you can see online. The front and back
    signs will be such that people walking past in either direction will
    see the stanzas in the proper order.

    The poetry is about how we have a fake democracy based on rotten
    values of billionaire rulers; about how the "free enterprise" system
    is bad for regular people, about how there should be economic
    equality with no rich and no poor in an economy based on sharing
    according to need, not buying and selling; about how real democracy
    means laws made only at the local level by town hall type meetings
    and social order on a larger scale based on voluntary federation,
    not a centralized hierarchical government by supposed
    "representatives"; and about why we need a revolution to make our
    society the way it ought to be.  All in iambic tetrameter!

    We will ask people who have read (or heard) the poetry to read a
    short  prose version of the poetry (on a clipboard with signatures)
    and to sign it if they agree with it; the statement is "This I
    Believe" (online at
    http://newdemocracyworld.org/This%20I%20Believe.pdf .)

    The purpose of collecting these signatures is twofold: #1: We want
    to  let people know that they are not alone in having the
    revolutionary aspirations that they have. When people sign they will
    see the other signatures in the clipboard. Also we will spread the
    word every way we can about how many people have signed. #2: When
    people see that those with revolutionary aspirations are not a
    hopelessly powerless minority but rather a potentially powerful
    majority, then they will for the first time have the confidence to
    engage in the actual collective actions required to make a
    revolution and create a new and better society--one that, among many
    other wonderful things, will not support Zionism or any other

    Contact me for more information, or just show up and join the fun.

    --John <mailto:spritzler at comcast.net>

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