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*3 items in this email*

      1. report on Brockton rally Thursday
      2. Notice of Malden tenant rally Tuesday
      3. How to get on the bus for NYC rally against Fannie and Freddie
Sept. 12.
 *1. Brockton Rally draws 45 members to 1454 Main St. Aug. 30.*
*Fannie/Freddie victims tell their stories*.
      See attached press release
*2. Malden Tenant Rally press advisory is below - Tuesday, Sept. 4, 10 am*
      Medford Malden Tenants United continue to set the pace for a tenant
movement that is growing again in response to unreasonable rent hikes.
Theyt will protest at Alpha Management headquarters in Allston/Brighton at
59 Linden St.
*3. Many people signing up for protest busses for Sept. 12.*
      We plan to protest mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at
their regional office in New York on Wednesday, Sept. 12. We will leave
from the 1199 union hall at 150 Mt Vernon St. (parking available). Busses
will leave at 8 am. The rally in NYC starts at 1 pm at Bryant Park and
cointinue to Freddie regional HQ and Fannie municipal HQ nearby. There will
be testimony from Fannie and Freddie Fighters (now being posted on the
Tumblr site <http://wearethefanniefreddie99.tumblr.com/>
http://wearethefanniefreddie99.tumblr.com/. Children/youth are welcome;
this is a disciplined protest. One Boston school is filling up an entire
bus all by itself! Busses will return the same day about 10 pm.
       To sign up to get on board, contact Antonio Ennis at City Life
(617-524-3541 or 617-922-6476).

*Medford Malden Tenants United Press Advisory*

For Immediate Attention

Stop the no-fault evictions and illegal entries into apartments by Alpha

Contact:  Malden/Medford Tenants United (617) 2UNIFY/ (617)286-4397;
<maldentenantsunited at gmail.com>maldentenantsunited at gmail.com)

Dateline: September 4, 2012

Malden and Medford tenants and their allies will be taking to the street
again to call attention to the unreasonable rent increases, no-fault
evictions and illegal entries into tenant apartment by Alpha Management and
its owner, Anwar Faisal.  Impacted tenants and supporters will demonstrate
Tuesday, September 4th at 10:00 a.m. outside of the Alpha Management
Corporate Office, 59 Linden St., Suite B1, Allston, MA 02134.
Malden/Medford Tenants United (MTU) continues to ask Alpha to negotiate in
good faith.  MTU is an organization representing tenants living in the
Malden and Medford apartment buildings purchased by Mr. Faisal on April 26,

Tenants in the Malden and Medford properties owned by Mr. Faisal have woken
up to find Alpha employees illegally in their apartments, come back from
work to find their apartment doors unlocked, observed Alpha employees
trying to go into the apartments of tenants who are away at work.  It also
appears that Alpha has given master keys to real estate agents, and those
agents are not only showing vacant apartment, but illegally entering and
showing apartments of tenants who are not moving.  The tenants involved in
these incidents said they were not given any notice that someone was going
to go into their apartments, and they said they had not requested anything
from Alpha that would have required entry into their homes.  Many women
living alone in these buildings now feel unsafe.  Under the prior owner,
proper notice was always given, and there was never any problem arranging a
mutually convenient time for the tenant to be home if the landlord needed
to enter a tenant’s apartment.

In the four months Faisal has owned the Malden and Medford properties, he
has served evictions on about 100 units (out of 260 units), and more than
25% of tenants have moved out.  Many more have signed short-term leases
just to have time to find another apartment and escape Alpha.  Even those
who have signed such leases cannot escape Alpha’s harassment.  Alpha has
contacted several of those tenants claiming they have no record of the
lease the tenants just signed the previous month.  Then Alpha has tried to
intimidate the tenants into signing another lease at a higher amount,
threatening to evict them if they don’t sign the second lease.

MTU presented a proposal to one of Alpha’s representative on August 23,
2012.  The proposal included recommendations for Alpha to take to protect
tenants’ safety and security.  Alpha’s representative initially agreed to
respond to the proposal by August 30th.  On August 28th, Alpha called an
MTU representative to say it wouldn’t be able to address the proposal for
another two weeks because it was Alpha’s busiest time of year.  Yet Alpha
has the time to continue to intimidate, harass and illegally enter

What: Demonstration to fight against the illegal entries into tenant
apartments, no-fault evictions, and unreasonable rent increases by Alpha
Management Co. and its owner, Mr. Anwar Faisal

When:  Starting at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where: Alpha Management Corporate Office, 59 Linden St., Suite B1, Allston,
MA 02134

Who:  Tenants and allies of affected Malden and Medford tenants

Malden/Medford Tenants United
 <maldentenantsunited at gmail.com>maldentenantsunited at gmail.com
(617) 2UNIFY7/ (617) 286-4397

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