[act-ma] Mark your calendar: Thursday 9/20: "Toronto Hearings on 9-11 - Uncovering 10 Years of Deception" - Free UPandOUT film screening

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    Mike Gravel"/And so people say /'I can't  believe our leadership
    would be so criminal to cause 3,000 deaths/." *My god! **/Realize;
    that's what they're /**always */*doing*. Ever since I've been in
    public office ... We've being killing people wantonly./"  ... [When
    i saw 9-11] "/*I knew then and there the fix was in. I've been
    following and battling the Military Industrial Complex for 40
    years*/." /[On how elections work:] //"I [a politician] get money
    from special interests, and i turn around and manipulate you, my
    constituents. And after you elect me, I look down at you and say
    'hell, I'm smarter than all of you. I fooled you; I got elected.'
    That IS the way it works. That IS how it works./"  ~Senator Mike
    Gavel: [ former Democratic United States Senator from Alaska;
    candidate  for president in 2008/


    /"//Freedom is participation in power./" ~ Cicero

Hearings on 9/11 -
Uncovering 10 Years of Deception/*

Thursday, September 20, in Cambridge [please download distribute & flyer 

The Toronto Hearings, sponsored by The International Center for 9/11 
Studies September 11, 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the events in 
New York and Washington that have played a dramatic role in modern history.

These events provided a pretext for a War on Terror that has replaced 
the Cold War as a global conflict framework within which military 
invasions and occupations have taken place, as well as violations of 
international law and human rights and a widespread assault on the civil 
rights crucial to democracies. Global military spending, which began a 
rapid downswing after the end of the Cold War, has, with the help of the 
"official account" of the 9/11 attacks, risen to Cold War levels and 
continues to rise.

In the meantime, the credibility of the "official reports" on the 9/11 
attacks (by the 9/11 Commission, the Federal Emergency Management 
Agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation and other government or government-appointed 
agencies) has been questioned by millions of citizens in the United 
States and abroad, including victim family members, expert witnesses and 
international legal experts.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies therefore decided to sponsor 
four days of International Hearings in the city of Toronto, Canada on 
the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001. During these 
Hearings, various expert witnesses presented the best available evidence 
into the case, discovered in the ten years since the 9/11 events occurred.

*Objectives of the Hearings:*

(1) To present evidence that the U.S. government's official 
investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, as pursued by 
various government and government-appointed agencies, is seriously 
flawed and has failed to describe and account for the 9/11 events.

(2) To single out the most weighty evidence of the inadequacy of the 
U.S. government's investigation; to organize and classify that evidence; 
to preserve that evidence; to make that evidence widely known to the 
public and to governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental 

(3) To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with 
signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, 
groups and international agencies with the request that a full and 
impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 
2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to 
restrict the rights of citizens.

(4) To engage the attention of the public, the international community 
and the media through witness testimony as well as through media events 
broadcasted via the Internet during the four day event.

The full DVD features 6 hours of expert witness testimony from: David 
Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, David Chandler, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, 
Barbara Honegger, Peter Dale Scott, Graeme MacQueen, Jonathan Cole, 
Cynthia McKinney ...and many more! We will show almost 2 hours of these 

"/The fundamental difficulty is ... disbelief that U.S. government 
officials could really collaborate in attacking America and take all 
those innocent lives at the World Trade Center. This is naive/." Dr. 
Morgan Reynolds, Professor emeritus, Texas A&M Univ; former chief 
economist, Department of Labor

"/What is more disconcerting in some ways is that this was not 
~Lance deHaven-Smith, FSU professor, who drew a parallel between 9/11 
and a host of other historical U.S.*"state crimes against democracy"* 

/"The government of the United States has engaged in a sustained and 
effective campaign to keep the American public from knowing the truth/."
~ Bob Graham, Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and former 
Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee

"/The CIA (and likely the White House) obstructed our investigation/".
~Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission

"/Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to 
have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?/"
~Joseph Stalin

"/If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a 
human face -- forever/." ~George Orwell

243 Broadway, Cambridge - corner of Broadway and Windsor,
entrance on Windsor
rule19.org/videos <http://rule19.org/videos>

Please join us for a stimulating night out; bring your friends!
free film, free refreshments, & free door prizes.
[donations are accepted]

"You can't legislate good will - that comes through education." ~ Malcolm X

*UPandOUT film series* - see rule19.org/videos <http://rule19.org/videos>

Why should YOU care? It's YOUR money that pays for US/Israeli wars - on 
Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Libya. Syria, Iran, So America, etc 
etc - for billionaire bailouts, for ever more ubiquitous US prisons, for 
the loss of liberty and civil rights...

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