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 April 12, 2013: Japanese Self Defense Forces personnel refuel a PAC-3 missile 
interceptor,  deployed at the compound of Japan's Defense Ministry amid 
a tense situation over a possible missile launch by North Korea in 
Tokyo.APNorth Korea reportedly warned Japan that Tokyo would be the first 
target should the country decide to play its nuclear card.The warning is 
reportedly in response to Tokyo's standing orders to destroy any missile 
heading towards the nation, according to Korean Central News Agency.Japan 
has deployed PAC-3 missile interceptor units around Tokyo to protect its 
capital and is taking North Koreas rhetoric seriously."We are doing all 
we can to protect the safety of our nation," chief Cabinet spokesman 
Yoshihide Suga said, though he and Ministry of Defense officials refused 
to confirm the reports about the naval alert, saying they do not 
want to "show their cards" to North Korea.Japanese officials have long feared 
that North Korea has not only the means, but several potential motives, 
for launching an attack on Tokyo or major U.S. military installations on 
Japans main island."If Kim Jong Un decides to launch a missile, whether 
it's across the Sea of Japan or some other direction, he will 
be choosing willfully to ignore the entire international community," U.S. 
Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in South Korea. "And it 
will be a provocation and unwanted act that will raise people's temperatures."We 
will stand with 
The U.S. government may have awarded taxpayer-funded contracts to terrorists 
and those who support the insurgency in Afghanistan, according to an audit 
issued Thursday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction 
(SIGAR).The audit found several weaknesses in DoD's process to ensure U.S. 
contracting dollars are not being provided to persons and entities supporting 
the insurgency, according to SIGAR.The audit, titled "Contracting with the 
Enemy," found that the Defense Department has failed to implement fail-safes 
aimed at ensuring U.S. funds do not flow to terrorists and other 
enemies.Nearly $2 billion in contracts were awarded in 2012 alone, though 
it is unclear how much of that may have benefited the insurgency."The 
possibility that taxpayer money could be supporting the insurgency is alarming 
and demands immediate action," lead inspector John Sopko said in a statement 
Thursday. "Every effort should be made to implement stronger controls that 
protect our troops and ensure the success of our reconstruction efforts."Click 
for more from The Washington Free Beacon.
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