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Dear All,

Nassim Kerkache of Harvard University Mail Services (HUMS), became a union
rep this year, took part in rallies and defended colleagues. Last week, an
administrator who told Nassim that his English supposedly isn't good enough
to be a Coordinator (the position he's held for 9 years!) hit him with a
stark choice. Nassim, who supports five kids, was told he had to accept a
demotion of three salary grades, or else be laid off. Co-workers believe
Nassim is being singled out in part due to his union activism.

Mamadou Ndiaye, who also works for HUMS, has been employed as
a"less-than-halftime" employee, for five years. He is allowed to work
17 hours per week, earns only $11.50 an hour and lacks union benefits.
According to the HUCTW/AFSCME Local 3650 contract, the use of
less-than-halftime workers at Harvard is supposed to be "exceptional and
strictly limited." Mamadou, who has two children, should have been a union
member long ago.

Paul Casey had his position, as a Maintenance Tech in Harvard's Science
Center, made "essential" in October. He had to take time off for surgery,
but made every effort to return to work as soon as he possibly could. He
came back from his disability leave in April only to get a layoff notice in
May. Management is dubiously claiming there isn't enough work for his newly
"essential" position. Paul's job duties were distributed to other workers;
his colleagues think he was laid off because he had to take a disability

Please help Harvard workers and our allies as we manifest our support for
Nassim, Mamadou and Paul, this Friday July 19, starting at 4:45 pm in front
of Holyoke Center, 1350 Mass. Ave in Cambridge, steps from the Harvard Red
Line MBTA stop. And please feel free to email Harvard's Director of Labor
Relations William Murphy at bill_murphy at harvard.edu. Suggested text:

"I am troubled to learn of the actions Harvard has reportedly taken against
Nassim Kerkache, Mamadou Ndiaye and Paul Casey. I wish the University would
be more humane in its treatment of employees. It does affect Harvard's
reputation and standing in the local community and beyond. Please take
prompt action to remedy these disturbing situations."

For more information, please contact the Harvard No Layoffs
hrvrdnolayoffs at gmail.com or 617 684-5329.

In Solidarity,

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