[act-ma] Help RTTC find a National Organizing Director!

E. B. Benson ebb02476 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 17:45:26 PDT 2011

>Friends, comrades, allies - 
>Please help us spread
the word to find a fantastic candidate for RTTC Director of Organizing!  
>Full job description and application information online at:   www.idealist.org/view/job/33ZBdNH6jh8d/
>Deadline for applying is August 15.   
>Job Description: 
>Right to the City Alliance Director
of Organizing 
>The Director of Organizing will be the
primary person responsible for coordinating the programmatic work of the Alliance , primarily
focused on national campaign development but also including the regions and the
workgroups. The Director of Organizing will do this work in coordination with
other staff as appropriate. S/he will be the primary person responsible for
identifying and recruiting new member organizations. S/he will work
collaboratively with the Executive Director to (1) develop and implement plans
for recruiting and integrating Resource Allies and (2) coordinate educational
and capacity-building programs to meet the needs of RTTC member organizations.
The Director of Organizing will be supervised by the Executive Director and
will provide supervision to workgroup-based RTTC staff (and potentially the
regional RTTC staff, dependent on the outcomes of the staffing structure
development process).  
>Responsibilities: In
conjunction with the Steering Committee, the Executive Director and other staff
as appropriate, the Director of Organizing will be responsible for:  
>Development and Implementation of
RTTC National Program  
>·      Take leadership in the
development and implementation of the national campaign of the Right to the
City.  This work will centrally include: coordinating a coherent strategic
planning process, facilitating a rigorous campaign development, driving the
campaign implementation, supervising campaign-related staff and engaging member
organizations in the campaign. It will also include engaging in
alliance-building work and coordinating communications work.   
>Infrastructure Support and
>·      Support the development of
RTTC’s regional committees and lead the process of bringing the regional
workgroups into better alignment with the national work; 
>·      Support the development of
RTTC’s workgroups by participating in workgroups calls, providing support in
developing and implementing strategies; 
>·      Provide supervision for
RTTC program staff in developing and implementing program strategies that
support RTTC’s work group-based efforts. Decisions about the hiring and firing
of program staff will be made in dialogue with the Executive Director; ultimate
decision-making power on hiring and firing decisions will lie with the
Executive Director; 
>Membership Recruitment and Retention 
>·      Work with the Executive
Director to identify potential new member organizations for the Alliance and help to
coordinate recruitment of these new organizations; 
>·      Facilitate a planning
process with the Executive Director, Steering Committee and workgroups to
develop a plan for the systematic integration of RTTC’s Resource Allies, and –
once this plan has been developed – coordinate its implementation; 
>Education, Capacity-Building and
Leadership Development 
>·      Work with the Executive
Director to develop educational and capacity-building programs for RTTC member
>·      Work with the Executive
Director to develop an effective staffing structure that allows for effective
coordination and communication between national-level staff and
regionally-based staff members;  
>·      Other responsibilities as
determined by the Executive Director in dialogue with the Steering Committee.  
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